Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Day Of Fun At Sta. Elena Fun Farm

Last February, the Department of Education declared that Educational Tours (or Field Trips) are temporarily banned.  Following that decree, Neo’s school no longer scheduled an Educational Tour for the school year.   And since the school year is one activity down, the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) decided to make an activity that would be memorable for the kids.  Enter the Family Camp.

The Family Camp is a fusion of the Educational Tour and Family Day.  Students, together with their parents, teachers, and school administrators went to Sta. Elena Fun Farm, where the Family Camp was held.  Sta. Elena Fun Farm is located inside Sta. Elena Golf Club at Cabuyao, Laguna. 

Sta. Elena Fun Farm is full of activities catered to kids.  There is an entrance fee of Php400 (both for kids and adults) good for 4 hours of stay at the Fun Farm.  This includes payment for usage of facilities, use of pavilion, and for trying different activities.  Two years old are free of charge.

Now, let me list down to you the different activities you and your kids can try at the Fun Farm.

There are different obstacle courses located at a huge area at the Fun Farm.  The kids and adults can have an enjoyable time finishing several obstacle courses.

Several Rope Course are located inside the Fun Farm.  This is a nice way to build those leg and arm muscles while having fun.

The Sand House is perfect for little kids who can’t participate in some activities.  Just be careful with the sand as it can be a bit rougher than the ordinary sand.

Relax around the Fun Farm while riding the Carabao-pulled cart.  We weren’t able to try this as the Carabao was eating during our time to try it.  No one should disturb meal times hahaha :D

You can also try Horseback riding inside the Fun Farm.  Their horses are huge but very tame and the caretakers are nice.

Be one with the animals by feeding them.  You can feed goats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  The staffs will provide you with grass for thee goats, and carrots for the rabbits and guinea pigs.  They are generous in giving out grass and carrots for animal feeding.

The kids can enjoy the mini row-boating.  The mini boat will sail in a small pond that’s just perfect for kids to enjoy and for moms not to worry.

You can also try Mini Fishing.  They will provide you a fishing rod with worm as a bait.  The fishes are small and the ones you caught will be thrown back to the pond.  The kids will surely have a nice time here while they learn the art of patience.

Last but not the least, kids and parents can do a tandem zip line.  It was my and Neo’s first time to try the zip line.  It was honestly very low with the maximum height of 3 meter (perfect for kids), but was very fun for us.

That’s me and Neo after our zip line.

Those are the activities Sta. Elena Fun Farm offers.  But you need not be limited by those activities.  Since the place is so huge, you can create family bonding and team building activities.

Just some notes though.

·         Sta. Elena Fun Farm doesn’t have any restaurant so you need to bring your own food and drinks.  They sell drinks at the admin office and a drinking fountain is available at the Pavilion.
·         It is a private place inside Sta. Elena Golf Club and there is no public transportation available.  You need to hire a private transport to go here.
·         It is open for walk-ins but reservation is highly encouraged.

Sta. Elena Fun Farm is a very nice place for family bonding and team building.   The place is good for recreation and relaxation. With all the activities and facilities you get to enjoy, the fee (for me) is very cheap.  You get your money’s worth and more.

Sta. Elena Fun Farm is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8AM – 4PM.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Press Release: SM Southmall Unveils The Christmas Town

Witness that magical tale of the true meaning of Christmas as The Christmas Town is unveil at SM Southmall.  The launch showcases this year’s thematic centerpiece with a musical production by Stages. 

The wonderful tale of Christmas Town is about Elle, the Christmas Town’s event organizer for its annual Christmas celebration, and how she put together all important characters of Christmas: which includes Sparkle and Glitter, Snow, and Gifts. 

Aside from the Christmas launch, SM Southmall has other holiday activities in store.  Kids can experience the magic of Santa’s Workshop when they purchase a pair of Bears of Joy teddy bears at the event center from November 9 – December 17.   Every Sunday of November and December, Santa Claus himself will be at the event center and kids can meet him and take pictures.

Join SM Southmall’s 100 Days of Christmas countdown by posting your most festive holiday photos in social media with the hashtags #SMSouthmallChristmas #100DaysofChristmas.  You will get a chance to win exiting prizes!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Event: Promil Four Partners With Parents In Nurturing Every Child’s Gift

Do you know that the last week of November is when we celebrate Gifted Awareness?  Promil Four took an initiative and help celebrate the Gifted Awareness Month for the whole of November.   That is why in partnership with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE), Wyeth Promil Four conducted a Learning Workshop for parents that features several keynote speakers and workshop facilitators.

The learning workshop was something very memorable for mommies (and some daddies too).  This is because we learned a lot on how we nurture the gift that each and every child has.   We learned and we apply. 

What are the things I love about the whole afternoon of workshop from Promil Four?

I love that there were several keynote speakers who are experts of different fields such as Dr. Christia Padolina for Obstetrics and Health, Dr. Tippy Tanchanco for Pediatrics, and Dr. Leticia Ho for Clinical Psychology who imparted important knowledge to participants.

 I love that I learned that it is not just by academics that we nurture our child.  We have to help them develop the three Rs: Reasoning, Resilience, and Responsibility.  And with these three Rs comes a subset of learning. 

o   Love for Learning, Skill at Learning, and Communication to build Reasoning.
o   Self-Knowledge, Worldliness, and Comfort with Complexity to build Resilience.
o   People Sense, Goal Setting, and Open-mindedness to build Responsibility.

I love that I also learned that not all milk are created equal and there are milk brands that supports our kids’ gifts.  Wyeth’s Promil Four has nutrients that help kids achieve their full potential.

I love the workshops itself.  We were asked to free our mind and act like 5-year old kids.  We exercise our creativity and painted to enhance our mental health.  We played with other mommies (who were acting like 5-year-olds too) to build our social and communication skills.  And we developed our physical strength through yoga.

We built this “castle” while forbidden to talk to each other.  Teamwork.
Strengthen the body through yoga.
The painting of 5-year-old me.

I love that we were treated to a sumptuous buffet at Sofitel’s Spiral.  Mommies had so much fun chatting away while indulging into delicious foods.

 I love that before the end of the program, mommies were given a single-stemmed pink rose while being serenaded by Tawag ng Tanghalan kids.  This is how Wyeth showed appreciation to mommies who nurture the gift to each and every child.

Such a sweet surprise! 

It was such a lovely afternoon.   Promil Four would like us to encourage other moms, and dads, to nurture the gift in each and every child.  Let us support our kids’ mental, physical, and social development.  Every child has a gift.  It is our responsibility to help them achieve it.

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