Friday, March 24, 2017

Breakfast at Antonio’s for Lunch

Our family loves to go out during the weekend.  This is one way of for the hubby and me to shoo the stress away from the workweek and for us to bond with our little boy.  One of our favorite go-to places is Tagaytay as this place is somewhere close to where we live. 

Tagaytay is very famous for its breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano and its weather.  This town is also famous as it is home to a lot of nice hotels with bed and breakfast theme such as Balay Indang, Nurture Wellness Village, and Sonya’s Garden.  It is also home to a lot of restaurants offering delicious delicacies.  One of these restaurants is the famous Breakfast at Antonio’s.

We are fortunate to dine at Breakfast at Antonio’s one fine Saturday of October.  The restaurant has a homey feel.  It’s not so huge but the area feels like its spacious, this might be because the tables were spaced appropriately.

Breakfast at Antonio’s serves an all-day breakfast menu.  Below are what we had for lunch. 

We started with a Bread Basket @Php175.  The basket came with assorted breads and spreads.

The hubby ordered Baby Back Ribs @Php515.  The hubby said it taste delicious as he expected.  The serving was not small but the hubby has a huge appetite and was able to finish the meal immediately.  

I ordered Pork Sausages @Php380.  I chose bread and hash brown to partner with my sausages and had my eggs cooked sunny-side up.  The sausages and hash brown were delicious.  The eggs was quite okay tasting (I want my egg salty).  I wasn’t able to finish the bread as I think it was quite hard. 

We ordered Bacon for Neo @Php380.  We partnered it with rice and sunny-side up eggs.  Neo loved the rice and crispy bacon but didn’t like the eggs, so his Papa had to eat it for him.

For the bacon and sausage menu, we were asked to choose between: rice or hash brown and bread.  We were also asked how we wanted our eggs cooked.

Ate Espie ordered Roast Chicken @Php380.  This came with a large serving of chicken and fries.  The serving was so huge that we were able to take home some of it.

We ended our meal with Brownies as dessert @Php180.  The serving is good for one only and it was Neo who devoured it all. 

We spent some time at the back part of the restaurant where a small place was dedicated for guests to enjoy Tagaytay’s view and weather. 

As with all our Tagaytay adventure, we won’t go home without taking a picture of the Taal Volcano.  It’s like our way of capping the Tagaytay visit.  J  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Casa Nicarosa at Malate, Manila

Last year, we were fortunate to watch a football game live at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan.  This is place is really far from our home, and since the game starts at 8PM and would last for 3 to 4 hours, it is only logical to spend the night in a hotel.  But as a practical mom, I would not like to spend so much on an overnight accommodation as we won’t be maximizing our stay.

So I searched the internet for affordable place to stay overnight.  I used several online booking sites, and gave me the best rate for that night.  It’s a small inn in Malate, Manila area called Casa Nicarosa.  I have credits and I used it to book our stay.

We arrived at Casa Nicarosa almost 1AM the following day.  There was only one guard in the entrance guarding the small driveway leading to the inn’s parking space, which was surprisingly spacious.  We rang in reception bell to call the lone attendant.  Since it was past midnight, we didn’t have any problems in checking in.

Christmas decors since it was Christmas season that time. 

Our room was really spacious.  It looks like a condo unit with one bedroom.  The room has a living area with sofa and center table.  It also has a dining area with a four seater dining set.  It has a lavatory where you can wash dishes. 

Now we go to the bedroom that has a queen size bed, a dresser, a cabinet, a small LED TV, air-conditioning unit. 

Please excuse the little boy as he was asleep when we checked in. 

The bathroom is inside the bedroom.  It is clean with towels, and some toiletries such as soap and shampoo.  It also has hot and cold water.

I would really recommend this place for overnight stay if in case you need one.  Not for staycation, of course; but for a more practical one such as what we needed that time.  The overnight stay cost us Php1314.oo.  Very cheap, right?  And because we used credits from, we only paid Php52.oo in cash!  And that is what I will be blogging about next time. J

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fight Eyeritation With EyeMo

Eyes are the window to your soul – that’s from a popular saying.  But how do we see a nice window to one's soul if his or her eyes are irritated?  Eye irritation can be caused by a lot of factors – from dirt to pollution to allergies and a lot more. 

Fret not, because Eye Mo, one of the leading eye drop brand is re-launching in the Philippine market and this is with a campaign entitled “Eyeritation”.   Eye Mo aims to educate Filipinos the importance of eye care which most of us take for granted.

What are the 5 signs of Eyeritation?

Red Eyes – This condition can be caused by dirt, pollution, smoke, or common eye infections.

Watery Eyes – This condition is the excessive tearing that is not caused by crying.  This can be caused by inflammation of the eyes.

Sore Eyes – This can be caused by staring at the computer screen or a book for too long.

Itchy Eyes – This condition can be caused by allergies.

Dry Eyes – This condition can be caused by high exposure to gadgets.

Five signs of Eyeritation.

How can we fight Eyeritation?

Eye Mo can be used to combat common simple uncomfortable eye irritations.  Eye Mo comes with two variants: Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula which contains Tetrahydrozoline HCl for quick eye relief on redness and Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula which contains Hypromellose that lubricates and soothes the eyes. 

Eye can relieve SIMPLE eye irritation.  Please do that note of that.  If you feel other symptoms, visit your eye doctor immediately.

Eye Mo brand is now owned by Combiphar Group of Companies, a leading multinational consumer healthcare company based in Indonesia. 

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