Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bye Bye Insects with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion

Last 2015, Cavite was declared under red alert for Dengue.  As a mom, I have to make sure our family is protected against this deadly disease and have shared with you, my dear readers, some tips on how I tried to dengue-proof our household.  You can read the tips here.

When my pre-schooler was still a toddler, I would lather him with insect-repellent lotion but I eventually stopped this as I often forget to apply it to him (mommy brain in action hehe).  But then I realized that applying insect-repellent lotion is one of the best way to shoo away the insects especially mosquitos.  Because all those suggestions I gave are only effective if you are within the vicinity of a citronella plant or mosquito mat; or you just sprayed the house with insecticide sprays or citronella sprays.  But when our kids are at school or in other places, only the mosquito patches work (and this works effectively in the portion of your clothes you attached it to, say the upper body).  This is where insect-repellent lotion, like OFF! works perfectly well.

You see, when kids like my little Neo plays outside of the home, they are prone to insect bites, especially mosquitoes.  Kids are so pleasant-smelling that insects love to bite them.  Neo loves playing in our village playground where the area is full of grass and some tress, some of which are inhabited by insects.  OFF! Insect Repellent lotion helps moms like me, feel at ease when we allow our children to play outside particularly playing in a grassy environment.  It helps shoo away the insects causing diseases and itchiness that leads to scars.  Shooing insects away is a way of shooing illness away. 

Us, moms can’t be with our little kids 24/7.  It’s nice to know products such as OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion can be our ally in keeping our kids healthy and happy while playing.

Disclaimer: This blog post is an entry to Nuffnang’s OFF Lotion Blog Contest.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Intensifying Feeling of Watching Football Live

I am neither a sporty person nor a sports fan.  The joy of watching sports in television when I was a little bit younger has evaporated when I no longer have the energy to try the sports myself.  The hubby is different.  He loves watching sports in television especially if it’s the member of our National Team that is playing (Gilas, Azkals, and the likes).  

So when the opportunity arose to watch the Philippine Azkals play live at the Suzuki Cup 2016, we grabbed it.  We were so excited since this will be the first time we will watch a football game live.  We shrugged off the worries that we live in Region 4A and the Suzuki Cup was held at Region 3.  We were just so excited.

We joined the convoy sponsored by Suzuki Philippines and arrived at the venue just minutes before the 8PM game of Philippine Azkals vs Singapore.  The Philippine Sports Stadium is huge and the crowd was not able to fill it up, so we were lucky to choose the seats we want to have a better view of the game.

The game was so intense.  The cheers of the Filipino crowd whenever an Azkal member gets hold of the ball was deafening.  The boos whenever a Singaporean player gets the ball was also wild.  Of course, the Filipino crowds were larger than that of the Singaporean crowd, and therefore their own shouts of cheers and boos were muffled.

What amazes me is how much stamina a football player must have to be running back and forth the football field for hours.  It also surprises me that these football players must learn the art of running sideways just to ensure the ball remains on field and on their side.   But to end it all, the sportsmanship showed by both team during the play is astounding – a characteristic I hope my little boy would learn while watching the game.  

PS: The game we watched ended in a draw.  Philippine Azkals failed to qualify in the Semi-Finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Monte Vista Hotsprings & Conference Resort

The start of the ber-months marks my father's birthday.  During this time we already feel the cold temperature yet my father decided to celebrate his birthday in one of the resorts at Laguna.  Luckily he decided for a hot spring resort, unluckily he decided for a night swimming.  Who am I (or we, his children) to contradict when it was his birthday after all?

My father initially wanted to go to Cuyab Hot Spring Resort, our family's go-to hot spring resort.  We arrived at Pansol, Laguna (the place famous for hot spring resorts) past 8pm, thanks to the horrible weekend traffic.  Cuyab allows night swimming.  The attendant gladly showed us their different types of overnight accommodation.  However, I find the price steep for off-season plus the 12-hour accommodation needs to be followed strictly thus, by 8AM, we need to leave or pay additional.  I told my mom, that we have to look for another hot spring resort to accommodate us.

Fortunately, a day prior to this impromptu trip, Pag-Ibig distributed my loyalty card that I applied through my work.  And it shows some discounted entrance fees and accommodations to some resorts at Laguna.  That is how we found ourselves at Monte Vista Hotspring and Conference Resort.

Monte Vista Resort is one of the biggest resorts I have passed by along Laguna.  It has 16 swimming pools (7 of which are open during off-season), several slides (only kiddie slides are open during off-season), different accommodations, a play area for kids and recreational area for adults, tables for day and night rent, grilling area, and an area for conference.  However, during our visit there was no hot spring swimming pool available, only swimming pools with lukewarm water.

Kiddie pool with slide. 
Gigantic off-limits-during-off-season slides. 

Yey! A play area! (The brown room in the background is a Lactation Room). 

The adults and Neo were busy playing. 

We stayed at one of the air-conditioned family rooms with six beds, a bathroom, television set, a stand fan, a wall fan, dresser, and cabinet.  This room also has towels and some toiletries (soaps and tissues).   The room is big and the air-conditioning unit looks old and I expected us to feel hot, but I was surprised that with 8 of us staying in the room, the room was really cold. We were also given a huge round table outside the room for dining. 

Aside from swimming pools and recreation areas, Monte Vista also offers different packages for celebrations such as Christenings, Birthdays, and Weddings. 

Monte Vista Resorts offers 50% discount on tariff rates and entrance fees for Pag-Ibig Loyalty Cardholders.  Our room was priced at Php2650 for 7 pax and a child, this includes our entrance to the swimming pools as well.

Never mind the cold weather.

I'm ending this blog post with a beautiful view of Mt. Makiling as seen while swimming in one of the swimming pools of Monte Vista.

Mt. Makiling…oh, so beautiful!

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