Thursday, December 1, 2016

Neo at Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative

Early this year, Top Gear Philippines announced that there’s an on-going Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative.  Because Neo loves cars too much, this is something I would like for him to try.  So when I saw that Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative will be part of Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary Halloween Party, we immediately put it in our calendar.

After the Halloween Party at Summit Ridge events hall, we went outside the lobby where the Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative was located.  It has four (4) main components.

REGISTRATION.  Parents register their kids to participate in the course.  Part of the registration is the taking the kid’s picture and personal information for their Junior Driver’s License.

SEMINAR.  After registration, the kids were ushered to a hall for the driving seminar.  Our little boy was lucky as it was former LTO chief Alberto Suansing who led his Junior Safety Seminar.  The kids were taught basic traffic rules and regulations.

PRACTICE DRIVING COURSE. Once done with the seminar, kids can now apply what they learned in the driving course.  The driving course is composed of makeshift routes and buildings, traffic lights, and road signs.  Kids drove around using kiddie Volkswagen cars.

DRIVERS LICENSE RELEASE.  After completing the registration, seminar, and practice driving course, kids were given their very own Volkswagen Junior Driver’s License.

After the activity, parents were also given a handbook entitled Child Safety Initiative.  This is to aid parents in teaching our kids how to be more vigilant in the roads.  Learning always starts in our own home.   

This is a very nice activity that can help kids.  Neo enjoyed it a lot while learning.  I hope there will be more activities such as this one that my little boy can participate.

PS: Being a wife to a car enthusiast and a mom to a future car enthusiast, I do follow websites and facebook pages about cars. J

Monday, November 28, 2016

Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween Party

Last October 30, the Nunag Family attended Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween Party.  We don’t have any Halloween events to attend except MBP’s Mad Hatter Halloween Party, so we decided to go to Tagaytay and look for an event there.  I really want to bring Neo to a lot of events since 2 years from now I know he will no longer enjoy this type of events.

The time stated in Summit Ridge’s website was 11am to 3pm.  Since it’s a Sunday, we first went to Victory Tagaytay to attend the church service before going to Summit Ridge.  We arrived at Summit Ridge almost 12pm.  The registration area was a little bit chaotic.  Apparently, the event was a walk-in one.  The day before I called the hotel’s hotline to reserve for this event, and inform the registration about this.  They told me that it’s just for the tickets (I am not sure what it meant, but I can only assume that the reservation was nonsense as it was not required during the registration).  We paid Php599 for each adult (lunch buffet included), kids 0-6 are free of charge, while kids 7-12 pays half price.

Little Spidey’s at Summit Ridge. 

If the registration area was quite chaotic, this is nothing compared to the main function hall.  The guests who were admitted to the Halloween party was too much for the area to handle.  Some guests (we included) were not able to grab a table and chair because the seating capacity was already maximized.  We requested the hotel personnel to provide us a table, and they produced one, for sharing.  Our table, which was supposed to seat 4 people, was shared by 6. 

The program started almost 1pm.  There’s a costume contest, a puppet show, a magic show, and some games.  The kids enjoyed the program.  My little Neo did.

It was past 1pm when the buffet area was filled with food.  As if the chaos inside wasn’t enough, when the people started lining up and getting the food, it became worse.  Manners were forgotten, must be because it’s past mealtime and people were hungry already.  Some foods were not refilled ASAP.  Only the main course area has attendants.  The salad area, drinks area, and the desserts area were not manned.  So some guests forgot their proper conduct and just grab the food that they can.  Some even took hold of the whole tray of food.  It was really chaotic. 

Cute cupcakes. 

 We were able to eat past 2pm.  And please don’t even ask for the taste of the food.  L  Neo only ate two brownies and went back to playing with the other kids. 

The program concluded with a trick or treat.  Kids were given a loot bag consisting of three (3) small junk food pouches.  Neo was a happy kid to be able to get one. 

Then we proceeded to the hotel lobby again where the Volkswagen Junior Driving Course was located.  It was held at the same day as the Halloween party (one of the reasons we went to Summit Ridge).  Neo had so much fun on this and a blog post will be dedicated for this.

This is an honest recollection of what we experienced at Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary! Halloween party.  It wasn’t a very nice one save for the Volkswagen Junior Driving Course.  The hotel staff in-charged was not able to estimate properly the number of guests they accommodated.  But to be fair, none of the staffs were rude to guests, they were all trying to assist as nicely as their patience could.  I hope their next Halloween event would be a more organized one.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Neo at Alaska’s Ultimate Mission Camp

Last Sunday, November 20, was an eventful day for Neo as he joined the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp at SMX Mall of Asia.  It was an afternoon full of fun-filled activities for kids as they get to accomplish different Disney Marvel and Frozen missions.

Upon registration, kids together with their parents were given a wrist band and activity card.  The activity card shows the different missions that kids need to complete to get a loot bag as their prize.

To start their mission, all kids were given an Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp cap and shirt.   Only kids aged 5 years old or more than 3ft in height can join the mission zones.  Little kids who were short of the age/height requirement were not at all bored because Alaska set up a Kid’s Activity Zone.

The Kids Activity Zone is composed of the Coloring Corner, Mask Cut-Outs, Bricks and Blocks, Face Painting, Memory Game, and Alaska Tower Stacking.

The Mission Zone is composed of Safety Briefing, Marvel Zone, Frozen Zone, Ultimate Zone, and Alaska Zone.  These activities are very safe and it hones the kids' fine-motor skills.  For my little boy, it also helped him gain a new friend. 

Parents were also able to enjoy the event as there are several booths showcasing different Alaska products and cooking demonstration.   Kids also get to enjoy Alaska Yoghurt and Milk drinks in different activities.  VIP tickets to Disney on Ice were raffled off to lucky kids.

Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp was a fun-filled activity for the whole family.  Kids and parents alike enjoyed the event.  Our little boy was so happy to be part of this event.

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