Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How To Have A #FamFirstAtSM Experience

I love going to the mall.  Who doesn’t?  When I was still a little kid, going to malls would be a treat my parents would give us because of exemplary conduct or achievement.  When I started working, going to the mall is more like a stress-buster, especially during Sale season.  Now that I am a mom, going to the mall is an activity my family enjoy so much.

There are a lot of malls my family frequent, but we are most regularly seen at SM Supermalls.  Besides the fact that SM got everything for us, SM is very conveniently located that everywhere there’s an SM close to us.  We get to experience a lot at SM Supermalls.

How does my family enjoy a #FamFirstAtSM moment?

Retail Therapy.  Ever heard of this?  I know moms (women) mostly know this.  Shopping shopping shopping!  Ninety percent of the time, we go to SM to shop.  SM has everything for my family.  If it’s shopping for me, there are a lot of stores to choose from – clothes, shoes, and bag stores are everywhere inside SM.  If it’s shopping for the husband, SM has Ace Hardware for him.  If it’s for the little boy, Toy Kingdom and Tom’s World it is!

Just a fun fact, my little boy’s first SM visit was when he was a week old.  Because we needed to buy something and we know that SM has everything for us.

Celebrate and Eat.  My family celebrates through eating out.  SM has a lot of restaurant to choose from.  There are fancy restaurants we can eat out to celebrate occasions, and there are also fast foods to eat out after running an errand.

Dinner after a long day at work.

Pampering and Me Time.  Most SM malls has Spas and salons that cater to moms who needed pampering.  This is a very much needed thing for all moms who needs to unwind.

Movie Date Night.  SM Mall of Asia is a mall close to where I work and this is where the hubby and I normally go for a movie date night.  It has a lot of cinemas (more than 10 actually) and shows a lot of movie choices for the much needed date night every couple has to have.

Play.  Please don’t judge me when I say I enjoy spending an afternoon with my little boy at SM Dasmarinas’ Tom’s World playing arcades.  Oh, this was a habit we have when we have nothing to do and we will just drop by SM and play to bond and while away the time.

How much points do you have? haha

Date With The Son.  Most of all, spending a day to date our little boy is what our family likes to do best at SM.  SM has everything we need to a date with our little boy.  One lazy afternoon, we decided to go and watch a family movie, eat at a fast food, went window shopping at Toy Kingdom, and play run as much as he want at SM by the Bay.  It was a very #SuperSummerAtSM2017 that my little boy enjoyed so much.

Oh, what a happy face J

These are just some tips on how you can enjoy a #FamFirstAtSM experience as we did.  How about you?  What’s your idea of #FamFirstAtSM?  :)

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Monday, May 22, 2017

#NationalSuperMomsDay at SM Bacoor With Legally Blind Mall Tour

Last May 14, SM Supermalls celebrated the #NationalSuperMomsDay in more than 60 SM Supermalls nationwide.  This is to give all moms the credit they deserve.  All SM Supermalls had different events catered mostly for moms.

We were lucky to get invited at SM City Bacoor to experience what they have in store for #NationalSuperMomsDay.  Several treats were offered to mommies, but the most awaited part was the Legally Blind Mall Tour. 

Most moms find leisure time in watching televisions and letting them have a meet and greet with artists is a real treat.  Casts of Legally Blind Mikhael Daez, Mark Abaya, Rodjun Cruz, Lauren Young, and Janine Guiterrez were present to entertain mommies.  Each of them gave a song number to serenade the mommies who were at SM City Bacoor to celebrate Mother’s Day.  They also gave moms flowers as a reminder that they are special. 

Mall goers, especially moms who watched were all delighted and happy to be able experience a treat like this.  I can say it by their smiles – as I was too.  It was an unforgettable experience for me as well. J

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza Party Day

Pineapples on pizza?  It has been a widely debated topic by Netizens for quite some time as people weigh in and acknowledge their love or contempt for the sweet and savory treat which is arguably the most controversial pizza flavor yet – the Hawaiian pizza flavor.   This becomes an issue even for barkada when you and your friends don’t agree when it comes to which pizza flavor you are ordering for your next bonding session.

Still, a huge chunk of Filipinos consider the pineapple-topped delight as their favorite.  For this reason, Greenwich, the Philippines’ favorite pizza and pasta chain, decided to put the spotlight on their Hawaiian Overload Pizza in celebration of this year’s Pizza Party Day that was held on May 19.

Greenwich understands how much Filipinos love pineapples in their pizza that is why it offers a delicious unique take on the beloved classic making the best-tasting choice for Hawaiian pizza lovers – the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload.  

Yummy Greenwich Hawaiian Overload! J

Aside from the scrumptious sweet and juicy pineapples, the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload also the goodness of two kinds of savory ham, smoky bacon, and green bell peppers, loaded with generous heaps of mozzarella and cheddar cheese on freshly baked crust.  The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload truly makes for the perfect treat for your Pizza Party Day celebration.

Visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria, or call Greenwich delivery at #55555 and get the deliciously Greenwich Hawaiian Overload pizza goodness delivered straight to your home.

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