Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Baby Neo is Sick

Last Monday was my birthday – it wasn’t happy though.  Since we already went to Tagaytay the day before and Leo can’t be absent from work, we don’t have any plans of celebrating.  However, having a sick baby Neo during my birthday was very devastating.  He keeps throwing up milk and water.  He even reached 38.4 degrees of temp during nighttime.

We went to the doctor a day after he started having fever. The doctor was not accommodating.  She just checked Neo’s throat (none too gently..Neo even cried, poor baby..) then prescribed meds and asked for Urinalysis. We just went to the nearest clinic from our house – its super hassle to bring Baby Neo to his doctor because papa was at work and couldn’t drive us to the hospital (I need to learn how to drive na talaga).

It was my first time to gather Neo’s urine for urinalysis – and it was not a happy experience.  He was crying the whole time we were waiting for his wiwi.  When the wiwi came, I was too excited and I might have put some anxiety to Neo thus he only urinate 5drops of wiwi and cried a whole lot of tears.  I encouraged him to wiwi more and when he did, he did it on my lap hahaha :D poor mommy and baby…

He got well after 3days.  He was taking paracetamol and antibiotics. Papa saw that Neo’s first premolar is emerging na.  That might be the cause of his fever.

Oh, and the urinalysis result was normal.


Baby Neo's Mama

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