Monday, January 21, 2013

Pre-birthday Celebration @Nurture Spa, Tagaytay

Both my Leo and I are fond of massages.  For us, it helps our tired body to relax.  It is really a good bonding time for us (though we don’t talk much when we are having our massages hehe).

A few months back, we took advantage of Deal Grocer and Nurture Spa’s promotion and availed a spa service for both of us.  We chose Nilaib treatment -

Nilaib (1 1/2 hours)
Our Filipino version of the stone massage uses steamed hot pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves to leave you rested and rejuvenated. [caption from Nurture Spa website].

We made our reservation a week prior to the date we wanted to avail of the treatment.  The time we committed was 1PM [just after lunchtime], however, we underestimated the travel time.  We came from my parent’s home at Dasmarinas and assumed just an hour ride – it took us 2hrs L

When we arrived, the attendants were very accommodating. After surrendering our vouchers, they have us sign an information sheet and gave us 2 cute cups of tea.  I had Neo taste the tea – and I think he liked it.
Neo's first sip

and, he liked it! hmmm....

We were then led to the massage room.  On the way, we took photos of the place.

view of the grounds

the pool

overnight accommodations

The Nilaib treatment was very relaxing.  The treatment started with cleansing of our feet then body soothing massage.  After massaging a part of our body, the masseuse would put in steamed pouches in area.  These steamed pouches are really hot – it even left red marks on my skin afterwards.  Leo was sleeping during the treatment, except when the masseuse puts hot pouches in his skin hehe :D We were served hot ginger tea after the treatment.

inside the spa room

Overall, our experience at Nurture Spa was very relaxing.  Though, it would have been more pleasurable if we booked an overnight stay.  [Which we’ll do one of these days…]

We took a family photo before leaving.

And, a mama and baby photo with Taal volcano as our background.


Baby Neo's Mama

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