Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Baby Neo Loves to Drive

Our baby Neo has discovered the wonders of driving.  He loves to act driving by playing with the steering wheel (whatever car he may be riding), honking the horn, using the kambyo, switching the wiper button on, and a lot more.  So we always let him play driving whenever we have a chance – and we had it last Saturday.  And boy he loves it!

Neo was super busy driving – thus wouldn’t even look at the camera.

Until next time…


Baby Neo’s Mama

May St. Peter Life Plan Ka Na Ba?

That’s St. Peter Life Plan’s slogan.  Last Saturday, we attended their Plan Holder’s day at Magdaragat, Pala Pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite.  It was a combination of seminar for plan holder’s benefits (plus recruitment for those who wanted to become an agent – my mom is one).

This is the only picture I had on that event (I don’t want them to think I wasn’t listening to the lecture/seminar) hehe

Before Leo and I got married, we already got each one of our own St. Peter Life Plan Memorial Services.  Morbid for others, but very practical for us.  It is very costly nowadays to die.  We are young, but we don’t hold tomorrow’s events.   We want to leave Neo a legacy, not burden.

We both got St. Peter’s ‘St. Dorothy Plan’ – 5 years to pay, 5 years to wait, and we get our money back.  Very practical, right?  In our 11th year, we would get the money we invested back + we still have our memorial services.  We are almost finished paying for this plan (no more than 2yrs left). 

Just a note, after we got married, we also bought Manila Memorial Burial Lot (early planning indeed).

ME: Love, meron tayong 2 n pag-aari na ayaw nating gamitin, no?

LEO: Ano mga un?

ME: St. Peter Life Plan at Manila Memorial Burial Lot hahaha :D

Happy Monday!


Baby Neo’s Mama

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Picasa Art

I spent half of my day yesterday experimenting the layout of this blog.  I came across another blog (Blog Designs by Dani).  She suggested using Google Picasa for pictures.  It is free to download – however for someone like me, who’s not much of an IT, I had to browse through Dani’s blog for tutorial. 

And tada…! Here’s the product of my labor – a collage picture of Neo.  Isn’t he handsome?

How about you?  How did you spent yesterday?


Baby Neo’s Mama

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Grown Up Baby Boy

My favorite family photo.  This was taken last November during Neo’s 1st birthday celebration at Tuguegarao.  (Neo was just 11months then).

Time flies really fast.  Here are some of the things Neo can do now:

He can now walk (and run!). 

He can now say the words Mama and Papa (a lot of times).  Sometimes Lolo, Lola, and Ta (short for Tita or Mamita)

He can imitate counting sounds (with fingers as props) from 1 to 5.

He can go up the stairs on his own (yes, on his own using the railing as his support, and Mama at his back of course).

He can unlock touch screen cellphones (yeah.  Choosy si bebe Neo.  He loves touch screen phones)

He can make drama by crying whenever he doesn’t get what he wants.

He can act like driving.  He would grab the steering wheel and act like driving, honk the horn, and switch the wiper button. 

Neo at 6months

There are lots more of stuffs that Neo can do now.  He really is a grown baby boy.

Oh, today is our 83rd month together as a couple (only 1 month short, Leo and I would be 7yrs together).  Whew, time flies really fast.


Baby Neo’s Mama

Monday, February 18, 2013


I came to chat with one of my college buddies RJ (I fondly call him Mushu, and he calls me Draggie. I'll tell you the story behind that later.) I told him that I am now a stay @ home mommy but since my hubby loves me so damn much, we still have a nanny with us.

MUSHU: pauwiin mo na yaya mo. Para maexercise ka. Maglinis at maglaba ka.
ME: di pwede. ginawa ko na yan dati nung wala kaming yaya. nabalian ako nung naglaba ako. partida, nagwashing machine pa ako sa lagay na un. nagpiga lang ako ng kaunti.

Then I remember those days of me suffering from painful right wrist. I am right handed, and it was very inconvenient for me. I went to the doctor and had undergone the following diagnosis and medications:

Poor nerves -> took vitamin B complex
Uric acid test -> colchicines
Muscle pain -> celecoxib

And as none of these meds worked for me, I was then recommended for Rehab Medicine since the Internal Med doctor thought I have Carpal Tunnel. I don’t. I was diagnosed with DQTS or De Quervain’s Tendinitis, commonly known as the mommy thumb. I went to 6 physical therapy sessions and unfortunately, my wrist was still painful. Physical therapy is a conservative way of treating DQTS. There were a series of exercises we need to follow but none of them helped my wrist get better. The doctor gave me 2 options, have another 6 sessions of physical therapy or inject steroids at my wrist. I choose the latter. The former, didn’t gave me any reassurance that I’ll be cured.

The steroids worked wonders for my right wrist. :)

BTW, the history behind Draggie and Mushu:
Draggie -> My sis Guia told RJ, “parang dragon si nerisa pagnagalit”
Mushu -> RJ is almost the same height as me, so I always tease him that he’s short. Mulan’s sidekick dragon was soo small – Wushu. But since I’m deaf, I heard Mushu.

Baby Neo’s Mama

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love, Love, Love

Not because we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family (my side), we don’t get romantic during that day.  Here is what we did last Araw ng mga Puso.

The card Neo (with Mama’s help) gave to Papa

Look at what Papa did to Neo to surprise Mama.

our little cupid
his props

We hope you enjoyed your Heart’s Day yesterday as we did ours :)


Baby Neo’s Mama

Happy Valentine’s Birthday, Mommy!

I have grown accustomed to the fact that Feb 14 isn’t the day for lovers; it’s my mother’s birthday.  People used to ask how Leo and I celebrated Valentines Day every year; I told them we don’t do it religiously romantic.  It has always been a family thing. 

So today, we never departed from tradition.  Leo went to work.  Mommy then told us we were going to Ongpin (Daddy, GB, Neo, and me).  I told them okay as it would be our family date.  Then Mommy sent another text message that brought shock to my day: “magcocommute lang tayo”.  I was like: “WHAT?! Ang hirap kaya magcommute kasama si Neo”.  She assured me it’s okay as Daddy and GB are with us and will carry Neo.

So off we went to Ongpin, Binondo.  We had our lunch at CafĂ© Mezzanine (Eng Bee Tin’s Restaurant).  Roam back and forth Binondo.  Sorry guys, no pictures for us.  It was so hard to take pictures around Binondo.  When we were already tired, we decided to go home and took the LRT to Pasay to ride a bus going to Trece.    

Neo’s 1st LRT ride at Carriedo Station.

Neo holding the pole.

Just a side kwento.  We went home riding a bus from Edsa Pasay.  There was no vacant seat.  Men are sitting sa aisle area.  Mommy was holding Neo and I was holding Neo’s baby bag with a plastic bag full off hopia.  No one offered their seat to us.   My mom was asked by the conductor to go up front of the bus and just sit beside the driver (sa daanan ng tao) because she was carrying the sleeping Neo.  While she was walking up front someone offered her a seat.   It was someone from the seat near the window.  Wow.  Nakakaloka. Onti na lang talaga ang gentlemen sa mundo. :(

Anyways, we don’t need to dampen our spirits due to that.  Happy Birthday, Mommy!  We love you to the moon and back! Mwaaah!

Until next time…


Baby Neo’s Mama

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Here’s our 2013 Horoscope (I got this from being an SM Advantage member :P)

SNAKE.  Luckiest among all and you will be appreciated for your hidden talent.

RAT.  Your qualitative work will bring favorable conditions in your career.

OX.  You will get many chances to earn money.  However, keep a control over expenditures.

TIGER.  Few things might seem unfavorable but you need to be patient.

RABBIT.  You might have to face some challenges so you need to be really strong.

DRAGON.  You will experience ups and downs but seems to be favorable for your career.

HORSE.  You need to be more cautious because so many bad effects of the previous year might affect you.

GOAT/SHEEP/RAM.  Only hard work will keep the table in your position.

MONKEY.  Your love life is going to be blessed this year.

ROOSTER.  There is a small unfavorable star in your career which may cause disturbances to your planned task.

DOG.  Soon people will start noticing your kindness which will give you fame.

PIG.  You need positive energy this year which can be obtain from the family only.

Ngunit ayon nga kay Zenaida Seva, "Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang kapalaran natin, gabay lamang sila. Mayroon tayong free will, gamitin natin ito."

God Bless everyone!


-Baby Neo’s Mama

Monday, February 4, 2013

I’m bored

For someone who had been working for 6 straight years (night shift) and was forced to stay @ home after, this is a new experience.  My former specialists would ask me how I was doing and my answer was the same to all of them: I’m bored.  A quite life is not for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the perks of being with my baby Neo 24/7.  I get to experience each milestone in his life.  I get to be with him all the time.  No need for me to worry about him.

Here comes the BUT… I need a career to build me.  I know I can be a mom even when I’m working. 

Kuya Ed, a friend of mine and a former colleague, would often say: You will be much more of a help to your son working and saving for his future.

I think I need to start looking for opportunities to bring me back to the workforce.


Baby Neo’s Mama
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