Monday, February 18, 2013


I came to chat with one of my college buddies RJ (I fondly call him Mushu, and he calls me Draggie. I'll tell you the story behind that later.) I told him that I am now a stay @ home mommy but since my hubby loves me so damn much, we still have a nanny with us.

MUSHU: pauwiin mo na yaya mo. Para maexercise ka. Maglinis at maglaba ka.
ME: di pwede. ginawa ko na yan dati nung wala kaming yaya. nabalian ako nung naglaba ako. partida, nagwashing machine pa ako sa lagay na un. nagpiga lang ako ng kaunti.

Then I remember those days of me suffering from painful right wrist. I am right handed, and it was very inconvenient for me. I went to the doctor and had undergone the following diagnosis and medications:

Poor nerves -> took vitamin B complex
Uric acid test -> colchicines
Muscle pain -> celecoxib

And as none of these meds worked for me, I was then recommended for Rehab Medicine since the Internal Med doctor thought I have Carpal Tunnel. I don’t. I was diagnosed with DQTS or De Quervain’s Tendinitis, commonly known as the mommy thumb. I went to 6 physical therapy sessions and unfortunately, my wrist was still painful. Physical therapy is a conservative way of treating DQTS. There were a series of exercises we need to follow but none of them helped my wrist get better. The doctor gave me 2 options, have another 6 sessions of physical therapy or inject steroids at my wrist. I choose the latter. The former, didn’t gave me any reassurance that I’ll be cured.

The steroids worked wonders for my right wrist. :)

BTW, the history behind Draggie and Mushu:
Draggie -> My sis Guia told RJ, “parang dragon si nerisa pagnagalit”
Mushu -> RJ is almost the same height as me, so I always tease him that he’s short. Mulan’s sidekick dragon was soo small – Wushu. But since I’m deaf, I heard Mushu.

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