Monday, February 25, 2013

May St. Peter Life Plan Ka Na Ba?

That’s St. Peter Life Plan’s slogan.  Last Saturday, we attended their Plan Holder’s day at Magdaragat, Pala Pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite.  It was a combination of seminar for plan holder’s benefits (plus recruitment for those who wanted to become an agent – my mom is one).

This is the only picture I had on that event (I don’t want them to think I wasn’t listening to the lecture/seminar) hehe

Before Leo and I got married, we already got each one of our own St. Peter Life Plan Memorial Services.  Morbid for others, but very practical for us.  It is very costly nowadays to die.  We are young, but we don’t hold tomorrow’s events.   We want to leave Neo a legacy, not burden.

We both got St. Peter’s ‘St. Dorothy Plan’ – 5 years to pay, 5 years to wait, and we get our money back.  Very practical, right?  In our 11th year, we would get the money we invested back + we still have our memorial services.  We are almost finished paying for this plan (no more than 2yrs left). 

Just a note, after we got married, we also bought Manila Memorial Burial Lot (early planning indeed).

ME: Love, meron tayong 2 n pag-aari na ayaw nating gamitin, no?

LEO: Ano mga un?

ME: St. Peter Life Plan at Manila Memorial Burial Lot hahaha :D

Happy Monday!


Baby Neo’s Mama

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