Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to the Workforce

I am now (again) officially a working mom.   I like this new work because 1) I get to practice the course I graduated at; and 2) I get to work on a mommy-friendly time (normal working hours) which I think is a must for mom like me.

However, since I stayed at home for exactly 3months, my body is adjusting to my new work schedule.  I feel really tired when I get home (ung para kang binugbog pagdating sa bahay).  But thanks to Neo’s kisses, I feel okay after a long day at work (Neo’s kisses now has sounds and he would giggle afterwards hihi).  I am addicted to it, and asks him to kiss me a lot of times haha! :D

Now, what I need is better time management and exercise (plus vitamins, I stopped taking vitamins when I was stay at home).  I also need positive vibes to stop thinking that I am always pagod.

Any suggestions how you manage your time as a working mom?


Baby Neo’s Mama

Monday, March 25, 2013

Smile, Neo!

Last Saturday was my niece’s 7th birthday celebration.  It was really beautiful.  It was a debut concept – so she had 7 roses, 7 thousands, 7 gifts, 7 whatsoever hehe (forgot it e).   

It was also Neo’s first time with a photobooth.  And he wouldn’t smile (must be na shock sa way ng pagpicture). He was very jolly at the party.  He would chase balloons, dance, and run.  Good thing the venue was big and he was playing at the back so he wasn’t a distraction to the other guests.

Here’s the copy of our photobooth pic, with the raw files (grabbed it from Art of Wisdom’s facebook page).

Stage mom ang peg, ayan tuloy, we were both not looking at the camera haha

Happy Monday!

Baby  Neo’s Mama

Friday, March 22, 2013

Census Serbilis

I arrived at Baclaran early, so even though I paid up to Vito Cruz, I got off at Libertad.  I was meaning to get Neo’s Authenticated Birth Certificate ages ago pa, however due to the combination of busyness and katamaran, I will only get it now.

I got off at Libertad (in front of AIMS and the former DFA passport area) and walk through the overpass to HK Plaza.  I pass this area (may hindi kaaya ayang amoy na place) until I got to Seaside Paluto area.  Census Serbilis is just a walk away from there.

I went to the guard and got the white form (for birth certificate) and filled it up habang nakapila (multitasking ang peg).  You will need a valid ID to request documents.  Also, they will not allow you to request or release documents to you if you are not the:
>owner of the document
>legal guardian or institution-in-charge (if minor)
>direct descendant

unless you have the following:

>authorization letter of the owner of the document
>valid ID of the owner of the document
> Valid ID of the requestor

Form color
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage
Death Certificate

They are open from 7AM – 4PM, with no lunch break.  They also offer delivery services (door to door anywhere in the Philippines) as well as online services.  

If you are not a busy person, you can always drop by NSO’s Census Serbilis outlets.  I highly recommend that.  They process documents fast naman.

 This is the only picture I have (inside releasing).  It was raining so hard that’s why I wasn’t able to get a picture of the area outside. :(

Hope this helps and Happy Friday!

Baby Neo’s Mama

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Iceberg’s Anniversary Eat Out

Last Tuesday, our anniversary, was also my 2nd day at work (yes, I am now working again, will tell you about it in a separate post).  We didn’t plan to be absent from work so we just ate out after work. 

Leo fetched me from the office at exactly 5PM.  We then headed to Harbor Square and looked for a good place to eat.  We found Icebergs.  These are the food we ordered.  And they were all yummy!

Chicken Cordon Bleu (Php 190++)

Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom (Php 245++)

Fries …I forgot the name (Php 140++)

Mango Ice Tea (Php60++) this is soo yummy, promise.

The foods were great!  And one of the best thing eating at Iceberg was that they don’t let you wait too long (a lot of restaurants would).  We just waited for a minute or two, and we already have our food.  We would definitely go back to eat there again.  We were so full after then went straight home (actually, we rushed home) as we missed Neo so much already (you will miss him after a full day at work).


Baby Neo’s Mama

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spa on the Go

Sunday was my last day of being a stay-at-home mom.  To relax myself, I urge Leo to have a massage.  We availed one of MetroDeal’s promo last year at Spa on the Go and have decided to use this coupon.  We texted for reservation last Friday (they required 2 days to reserve) and was given 11AM slots.  They texted us to arrive on time and would be giving us 15mins grace period or our slots would be cancelled (strict masyado sa time)

We arrived at Spa on the Go Dasmarinas Branch at 1030AM.  The spa is still closed. We strolled along Aguinaldo Highway first and bought cassava cake (I was craving for cassava cake for 2wks already).  At exactly 11AM, the Spa opened and we were accommodated.  They requested for our vouchers/coupons and asked if we want to upgrade our oils with peppermint for relaxing effect (Leo’s choice) or Lavender for soothing and calming effect (my choice) for an additional Php50 each.

We were ushered to the waiting area.  Our feet were washed and our blood pressures were taken.  We were given rubber slippers to wear (I really thought this part was not okay).  Then we were asked to go to our separate rooms.  We were offered to change into the shorts they provided (I was not okay with this part as well).   After that, the massage started.  I was asked if I wanted light, moderate, or hard massage – I chose moderate.  Before finishing the massage, I was told by the masseuse not to take cold water for 3hrs and not to wash for 6-8hrs.  That was the first time I was advised by a masseuse, and I took it seriously haha :P

Overall, the experience was great (except for the slippers and shorts – I know those are not new, and that they wash it, but I value personal hygiene talaga).  We will definitely go back to this spa but perhaps would prefer not to use the slippers and shorts na lang next time hehe.


Baby Neo’s Mama

Laugh Trip

Me: Love, I am so happy.  May tinatayong hospital  near our home.
Leo: Saan banda?

Me: Basta on the way sa bahay natin.  Yung madaming construction materials.

Leo: Love, subdivision yun.

Me: No Love, hospital talaga yun.  I am so sure. Nakita ko yung green na cross sign.

Leo: (kamot ulo) Love, SAFETY FIRST un.


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