Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back to the Workforce

I am now (again) officially a working mom.   I like this new work because 1) I get to practice the course I graduated at; and 2) I get to work on a mommy-friendly time (normal working hours) which I think is a must for mom like me.

However, since I stayed at home for exactly 3months, my body is adjusting to my new work schedule.  I feel really tired when I get home (ung para kang binugbog pagdating sa bahay).  But thanks to Neo’s kisses, I feel okay after a long day at work (Neo’s kisses now has sounds and he would giggle afterwards hihi).  I am addicted to it, and asks him to kiss me a lot of times haha! :D

Now, what I need is better time management and exercise (plus vitamins, I stopped taking vitamins when I was stay at home).  I also need positive vibes to stop thinking that I am always pagod.

Any suggestions how you manage your time as a working mom?


Baby Neo’s Mama

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