Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brush Brush Brush

Our baby Neo is now nearing 15months old.  He already has a complete set of incisors (4 up and 4 down) and 4 premolars.  He eats a lot of different kinds of foods nowadays.  When he started eating (around 6months), we bought SansFlou Tooth wipes.

It’s supposed to be very easy to use.  Just wrap it around one finger and rub it in your child’s gums.  But hey, with 4 teeth at the upper gums, and 4 teeth at the lower gums – I don’t think I fancy using this wipes now.  And that’s why we bought SansFlou Toothgel and a toothbrush.  (Sanflou toothgel is safe to swallow.)

Neo will start using these weapons against cavities from now on.


Baby Neo’s Mama

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