Friday, March 22, 2013

Census Serbilis

I arrived at Baclaran early, so even though I paid up to Vito Cruz, I got off at Libertad.  I was meaning to get Neo’s Authenticated Birth Certificate ages ago pa, however due to the combination of busyness and katamaran, I will only get it now.

I got off at Libertad (in front of AIMS and the former DFA passport area) and walk through the overpass to HK Plaza.  I pass this area (may hindi kaaya ayang amoy na place) until I got to Seaside Paluto area.  Census Serbilis is just a walk away from there.

I went to the guard and got the white form (for birth certificate) and filled it up habang nakapila (multitasking ang peg).  You will need a valid ID to request documents.  Also, they will not allow you to request or release documents to you if you are not the:
>owner of the document
>legal guardian or institution-in-charge (if minor)
>direct descendant

unless you have the following:

>authorization letter of the owner of the document
>valid ID of the owner of the document
> Valid ID of the requestor

Form color
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage
Death Certificate

They are open from 7AM – 4PM, with no lunch break.  They also offer delivery services (door to door anywhere in the Philippines) as well as online services.  

If you are not a busy person, you can always drop by NSO’s Census Serbilis outlets.  I highly recommend that.  They process documents fast naman.

 This is the only picture I have (inside releasing).  It was raining so hard that’s why I wasn’t able to get a picture of the area outside. :(

Hope this helps and Happy Friday!

Baby Neo’s Mama

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