Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Neo’s Papa and Mama!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and our 7th year together as a couple (we married exactly on our 5th year hehe). 

7 years ago, I decided to take the plunged and be in a relationship with someone who was not my ideal man.  So what's my ideal man?  Someone with a fair complexion.  Someone older than me by 4-6 years.  Someone who took ROTC in college.  Someone well-built (macho macho ung dating).  And a lot more.  He was not all that.  Not even one.  But there was one thing he is that made me decide to go for YES.  He is a Christian.

We were in a relationship for a good 4yrs when we decided to get married on our 5th year.  And since then I was blessed.  Blessed with a loving, understanding, caring, and God-fearing husband.  And blessed with a beautiful baby boy who brings joy into our lives.

I cannot thank the Lord enough for all these.  I love you, Love <3


Baby Neo’s Mama

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