Saturday, March 16, 2013

Neo’s New Hairdo

Yesternight, we went to SM Dasma for Baby Neo’s first official haircut (by official, I mean a barber cut his hair).  Papa did Neo’s haircut last Christmas (but due to his lack of experience, Neo’s hair became a laughing stock, “bunot, anyone?”  :P). 

We went at Kid’s Hair Salon.  They have variety of entertainment for kids from TVs, to toys, to toy cars, stuff toys, etc.  This way kids won’t get conscious when they are given their haircuts. We paid Php270 for Neo’s super quick session.  Kudos to the barber, he was very efficient and quick (and patient).

Papa and Neo at Kid’s Hair Salon

Papa assisting the Barber (Neo was so malikot)

The crying little baby

Finishing touches

Playing after the session (he was too busy playing to look at the camera for his before and after look)


Baby Neo’s Mama

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