Sunday, March 3, 2013

Papa’s Dream Dog

We went out yesterday to attend my cousin’s wedding.  We weren’t able to take pictures of the newlyweds (I was so busy holding baby Neo and attending to his needs).  And since, the bride used our car as her bridal car; we have to commute to the church again.  Poor Mama and baby. :(

The groom’s family included their family dog in the pictures.  And guess what?  It’s Papa Leo’s dream dog!  A Siberian husky!

 Sleeping at the reception.

 Mama and Neo with Papa’s dream dog.

Hopefully, when Neo turns 4 or 5, we can own a dog.  This way Neo will have a playmate who will teach him the value of responsibility.

After the wedding, we drop by at SM to make our weekly grocery shopping.  All I can say is that, it really is tiring having to travel with Neo in tow.  I think I lost 10lbs the whole day.


Baby Neo’s Mama

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