Monday, March 25, 2013

Smile, Neo!

Last Saturday was my niece’s 7th birthday celebration.  It was really beautiful.  It was a debut concept – so she had 7 roses, 7 thousands, 7 gifts, 7 whatsoever hehe (forgot it e).   

It was also Neo’s first time with a photobooth.  And he wouldn’t smile (must be na shock sa way ng pagpicture). He was very jolly at the party.  He would chase balloons, dance, and run.  Good thing the venue was big and he was playing at the back so he wasn’t a distraction to the other guests.

Here’s the copy of our photobooth pic, with the raw files (grabbed it from Art of Wisdom’s facebook page).

Stage mom ang peg, ayan tuloy, we were both not looking at the camera haha

Happy Monday!

Baby  Neo’s Mama

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