Monday, April 15, 2013

A Very Productive and Tiring Weekend

We had a very productive weekend – though very tiring as well.  We started last Saturday by visiting our new babies.  We signed up some papers for them (which took us more than an hour).

 Here are our new babies ;)

Neo playing at the model house

Then we went to SM Bacoor to meet Lola Net to change the address of her Smart line and buy a gift for the birthday party that Neo would be attending in the afternoon.  Since we took so long before arriving at SM Bacoor, Lola Net already had her errand done, so we just ate lunch.

Neo with Lola Net

Every time we are at SM with Neo, we always give him a chance to go to Tom’s World (or any other play area) to ride cars.  After Neo played, it was Papa Leo’s turn.  Papa played at the Piso slot and was addicted.  We had to drag him out of there before he can insert all our money in that game machine. (kakaloka)

We then went home in time for PJ’s birthday party. Neo was not attentive to the party.  He was just running at the street like a criminal on the loose (the street was closed).  He was given a balloon but it popped after 2mins at Neo’s hands. He won’t even wear the party hat.  We forced him here.

Then at around 5pm, we were rushing out of the house again (without Neo).  We went to Sucat at Holy Trinity Funeral Homes.  Our churchmate, Bro. Vic died.  He was a good man.  We are not close, and based on the testimonials given by those people close to him; it was surely a miss on our part.  We arrived safely home at past 1am.

Sunday came, and we were not able to go to church.  We were so tired by Saturday’s event.  We just went grocery shopping the whole afternoon then at dinner time, we met with the former owner of our house at Dasma as we need her to sign some papers for us. 

We were very productive last weekend BUT we felt like we haven’t rested. L

How was your weekend?


Baby Neo’s Mama

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