Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neo’s First Carousel Ride

Neo had been lusting over the carousel ride at SM Dasma for as long as we could remember.  Whenever we’d pass by that area, he would point at the direction of the carousel, with both his fingers and nguso :P We initially thought, that since he is still young, he wouldn’t be allowed to ride.

However, last Sunday, as we passed by that area, we saw a boy younger than Neo riding the carousel, with his mom holding him.  So we bought a ticket for Neo. He was so delighted to be entering the colorful ride.  He was so excited when I put him over the horse and strapped the safety belt in his waist. 

But lo and behold, it wasn’t even 2 minutes; the carousel was still being filled up with riders, it hasn’t started yet – Neo wanted to get down already.  And when I unstrapped him of the belt, the ride already started.  So we ended up standing inside the carousel while it go round and round… talk about having strong arms when you’re a mom.


Baby Neo’s Mama

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