Monday, April 1, 2013

Sinetch Itey 2013

Every Sunday evening, our family watches Goin’ Bulilit.  We love to mimic the dance moves of the bubulilits in their segment: Ang Corny.  Neo loves to dance with them.  However, yesternight, they launch a new segment which brought laughing fits to me and Leo.  The segment: Sinetch Itey 2013.

Three boys (Bugoy, Clarence, and Izzy) played the role of gay TV hosts.  They were so brilliant in their acting.  You wouldn’t think these are just kids.  They were going on asking blind items on senatoriables.  We were laughing at the jokes as well as the delivery of the jokes.   I only had one question though, is it okay to allow kids their age play those kinds of roles?

I tried to look for a video of Sinetch Itey 2013 – but was not successful. L


Baby Neo’s Mama

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