Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday Restday

Sundays are usually spent as church day for us – and last week was not an exemption.  But before going to church, Neo swam in his mini-swimming pool.  He was so happy. (Thank you, Ninang Aileen for the mini pool).

Then after going to church, we passed by Robinsons Department store to buy Neo as new paid of slippers (we already bought him one the day before but it has no garter).  We weren’t able to find a slipper that would fit Neo with a garter.  But when we passed by the bags section, he immediately liked this one:

He was even the one who brought it in the cashier and carried it out of the department store.  He’s getting big and can already shop (lift? *wink wink) on his own (he didn’t pay for the bag, Papa did :P)

Baby Neo’s Mama

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