Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to Work

This is something from my drafts 2 days before I started working again…

“…In 2 days time, I will go back to the workforce.  It is very hard for me to leave the daily routine I have with Neo that I am now accustomed to.  I am now having mixed emotions.

*I will miss getting up early in the morning receiving kisses from my baby to wake me up.
*I will miss gardening with him in the morning.
*I will miss brushing his teeth and giving him a bath after.
*I will miss rocking him for his first nap of the day.
*I will miss playing with him.
*I will miss feeding him (even though most of the foods just go waste since he’s a picky eater)
*I will miss washing his pwet whenever he makes pupu.
*I will miss going on a stroll with him to wait for papa to arrive from work.

Oh, I will just miss being with him all the time. That’s all….”

And yes, I’m missing my baby more and more whenever I’m at work.  Wish I could bring him at work na lang with me hehe


Baby Neo’s Mama

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