Friday, May 31, 2013

Call A Friend

Yesternight, our whole family was in our house (except for Leo’s brother, Lucky – who’s at the province already).  It was chaos in our house.  You see, we have a very small house and we were like 12 people inside haha – though we couldn’t ask for more blessing.  We have a very loving family.  It was sort of a despedida for ate Marlyn.  She will be taking a weeklong vacation at her province.  So we are yaya-less for the whole week though Papa will help us take care of Neo J

Early this morning, Leo was tasked to accompany ate Marlyn to the terminal at Alabang.  While driving along DaangHari, bumigay ang brake (that’s his term) ng sasakyan niya.  Good thing, he was still able to arrive at the terminal safely (Thank you, Lord) with the combination of handbrake and slow driving as well as there are minimal cars on road during that time.  When he arrived at Alabang, he called Daddy to inform him about the situation.  (My husband has been using this lifeline ever since: Call a friend.  His friend? My father. Hahaha)

Well, we just have to wait for updates from Leo’s “friend” about his car.

Happy Friday!


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