Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Daily Bus Journey

I work at Pasay and live in Cavite.  There are only 2 modes of public transportation I can utilize going to work.  1) aircon bus going to Lawton, and 2) Mini Bus (non-aircon) going to Baclaran, then I ride an FX going to Pasay.  And obviously, I’ll be choosing mode of transpo #1. 

But honestly, the daily commute is draining my energy.  Why?
1 – the aircon bus fills in every inch of the vehicle.  When I say every inch, literal yon. We don’t look like sardinas sa de lata sa sobrang siksikan, we are comparable sa dried tuyo na vinacuume pa sa  plastic.  The sad part of travelling is that, we course the Cavitex (express way) overloaded.
2 – since, it’s siksikan, and I ride middle of the bus route, I end up most of the time standing (so to ease the pain, no no for high heels.).  I feel lucky when I chance a bus which still has an available seat.
3 – most of the buses are colorum, so chances are mahuhuli kami ng enforcer (and this takes up time, because 1 – they try to bribe the enforcer, and 2 – they argue a lot).

I wish I know how to drive and just go to work on my own vehicle.  Kaso there are also lots of cons din (for one, I have 2 tollgates to pass through.  Sabi ng bulsa ko: ouch!).  But seriously, I need to learn how to drive for emergency din.

Baby Neo’s Mama

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