Saturday, May 11, 2013

Positive Vibes – I need you

Have you experienced a day (or days) when you feel like everything is not falling properly into place?  I have that since yesterday.  For one, a candidate for the mayorial race in our municipality had a motorcade yesterday causing traffic all over, even jeeps and tricycle didn’t even want to travel.  I decided to walk, and I haven’t even gone more than 5meters away, and boom, it started raining. I went home soaking wet and tired.

Today, I had another bad news. The plane ticket I booked for ate Marlyn had a wrong date (and there were three people travelling for the ticket) and the airline is asking to me pay php5k for all rebooking expenses. Darn. I’ll think a solution about that later.

I also came in the office today for some last minute preparations for the upcoming elections on Monday, I was here at 930AM and the meeting will start at 2PM.

Wow. Talk about being malas – all the way.

I need positive vibes… 

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