Friday, May 3, 2013

The Apple of Neo’s Eyes

That’s right - Jollibee!  Every time Neo sees him (even on a small print), our baby goes “woooo!” (with matching ngusong mahaba, point finger at the direction of Jollibee, and jump up and down).  He loves Jollibee right at this moment of his life.  I would even keep brown paper of Jollibee with print to show him, paper cups, and whatever basta with Jollibee picture in it.

And only Jollibee alone can stop Neo from his tantrums. Like, when he is at his crib and he wants to be carried or makawala sa hawla nya, he would cry na para syang binubugbog… but thanks to Jollibee commercials, he would instantly stop (or if there’s no commercial, we have a Jollibee print in brown paper bag to make him stop) hehe.

Neo at 6months

Baby Neo’s Mama

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