Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Kwento

Our weekend was spent with family.  Family bonding galore with my Lola, Mom and Dad, and cousins.  It was uber fun and tiring haha :D  It was ate Mae’s, my cousin, birthday last Thursday so she treated us for lunch at Alabang Town Center last Saturday (the only time everyone is available since most of us are working).  

 After lunch, we roam around the Metro.  Neo was super active.  Buti na lang we have my cousins who stand as his yayas for the day.  They super love him (kissing and hugging him all the time).

So, to show them he appreciates it all, he insisted on carrying ate Mae’s shopping bag hehe (masipag na bebe).

It was almost 6pm when we decided to go home.  We passed by Petron at Daang Hari to load some gasoline.  But the gasoline boy accidentally loaded our car with Diesel (aw!).  We had the tank drained so the Diesel wont go to the car's makina.  (the other option given to us was load it with Blaze Octane to burn the Diesel, and have it charged at the gasoline boy - it was a no no for us.  Kawawa naman c kuya.  We know that hindi naman kalakihan ang salary nya).  It was a good thing, only 1 liter was just loaded to the tank (Leo saw it agad).  So after draining the tank, they load back the gasoline that the tank initially had plus the gas we were supposed to be buying (we asked to deduct the amount of the diesel na lang sa amin, so they wont deduct it sa salary ni kuya).

We were so tired last Saturday, that all of us woke up late last Sunday (we were late at church as well L).  After going to church, Leo and I run some errands by paying bills.  Then I had my haircut (it’s super init this summer).

 Neo and his big sister haha :D

It was a very happy weekend J

Happy Monday!

Baby Neo’s Mama

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