Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Happened Last Mother’s Day

It’s long overdue to post something about mother’s day today.  But with all the busyness surrounding me lately, this is the only time I can post. 

Work was so busy due to the election coverage that we had.  Saturday before mother’s day, I was at work doing last minute preparations.  I also received the news that I booked the wrong date for Ate Marlyn’s vacation.  I was so stressed out Saturday that the only thing we can do that afternoon was grocery shopping.  I didn’t even prepare a surprise for my mom L  (aside from the single stem rose Neo bought for his Lola Net and Mamita)

Come mother’s day Sunday, I received the sweetest gift ever: a good morning, happy mother’s day kiss from my baby Neo. 

We then went to church and I received a rose for mother’s day.  Leo told me he didn’t prepared any gift for me (well, I am not his mom naman LOL), but instead will treat me to shopping na lang.  I agreed.  We met with my parents and had lunch.  I told my mom we will go to SM Dasmarinas for her to have a pampering (mani-pedi, massage, facial, hair spa or whatever she wants).  She told me to drop by Robinsons Imus first, because there’s a free treat for moms.  We don’t want to but since its mother’s day, she’s the boss. 

When we arrived at Robinsons Imus, the registration for the free treats was already finished.  So off we went to SM Dasma.  We roam around all the salon, facial clinics, massage center – but my mom won’t avail of any treatment.  Why? She told me it costs a lot.  My mom is super kuripot.  Even if it’s a treat for her.  She always value hard earned money. 

Mommy: Ayaw ko dyan. Ang mahal. (in all the places we went to)
Me: Mommy, ako magbabayad.
Mommy: Basta ayaw ko dyan.  Meron naman akong massager sa bahay.  Maglalaba din ako bukas, masisira din ung manicure. Etc etc etc.
Me: Mommy, gawin na natin ito habang bata ka pa at kaya pa ng katawan mo.  Pag may edad ka na, hindi ka na pwede magpamassage, magpafacial, etc.
Mommy: ah basta, ayaw ko.

Ending? Sumakit lang ang paa ko kakaikot sa buong SM Dasma habang kinoconvince sya. Whew.  I just gave her the money I was planning to spend for her and told her to treat herself.  (A week after, she told me she had a hair spa, mani-pedi session at her local salon.  She also had my dad on pedi session hahaha)

As for my mom-in-law, we were able to plan ahead of time (a week before).  We asked Leo’s younger sister, Lei, to look for a pampering place for Mama and just sent her the money to reserve it.  (We should have done this to my mom para hindi na ako napagod kakaikot).

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!

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