Monday, June 10, 2013

A Day at Subic – Part 1

Our company outing was held last Saturday at Subic.  We went to Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari – it was like a field trip.  We can bring our families, but last minute, Leo and I decided that I go by myself na lang.  It will be a looong drive for Neo.

Call time was 5:30AM, and since Filipino time is well, not on time, we were able to start our journey at 6AM.  We crossed EDSA, NLEX, and SCTEX.  All in all, I think I counted around 4-5 toll gates.  Summing our toll fees, we almost reached Php1000 for just one way.  There were no traffic and the whole ride was smooth.  Comparing NLEX to SLEX, I would say the whole NLEX road is way way smoother than SLEX (well, since 1970s all our presidents were from Northern Luzon: Aquino from Tarlac, Arroyo from Pampanga, Estrada from Manila (he’s the exception), Ramos from Pangasinan, Aquino from Tarlac, Marcos from Ilocos, and Macapagal from Pampanga).

Exactly 3hrs of journey, we reached Ocean Adventure.  We avail of the package: Entrance + buffet lunch + beach access, which cost Php880 – though we weren’t able to use the beach access.

Our first attractions were the 2 museums inside.  When I say small, I mean literally small – around 100-200 sqms.

At SeaTrek Musuem, they enumerated 5 dangerous sea creatures, plus the greatest predator of all.

The next attraction we went was a narrative about jungle or forest life (sorry, I didn’t get the name of the attraction).  There, we were introduced to different forest creatures such as snakes, bats, eagles, etc.

After, we were then ushered to the Dolphin show. The dolphins are very intelligent.  They performed lots of tricks, however, I can’t help but notice that very little move, you have to give them treats hehe

View from the stadium

The show lasted for 30mins.  We then took our quick lunch.  Then off we went to the Sea Lion show.

The Sea Lions are intelligent creatures too. The show lasted for another 30mins.  Then we were asked to go and watch Balancing Act.  This time, the performers were human.  An acrobat group from Kenya.  (sorry, no pictures).

That’s the end of our Ocean Adventure escapade.  It took us almost 5hours in that place.  If you live in Manila and would just go there to see the animals, I suggest you just go to Manila Ocean Park.  Ocean Adventure has minimal number of animals. You really can’t see a lot in there. The attraction doesn’t compensate for the long drive.  But if you’re going for a vacation and would just do a side trip at Ocean Adventure – it’s a different story.

Just an additional note, I observed that kids below 4yrs are not interested in animal tricks.  I saw lots of young kids just throwing tantrums during the show – must be due to boredom.  It was adults who really enjoyed the tricks the animals did.


Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. Hmmmm..nice tip.thanks for this one sis.

    1. it's really nice sa subic, sis. just make sure na overnight, para sulit at hindi hagardo-versosa ang drama, like what happened to me hahaha


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