Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Day at Subic – Part 2

After long hours at Ocean Adventure, we then went to Zoobic Safari.  These places are close to each other, no more than 10mins away.

Zoobic Safari is divided into 2 tours: the walking tour and the drive through (sounds like Mcdo hehe).  We started with the walking tour which is more like walking at Manila Zoo. 

They have tons of animals in there ranging from birds, monkeys, cats of all varieties (cougar, lion, civet, etc), snakes, and other reptiles.  This place is very educational for children.
Me: wow! Ang laki ng baboy nila dito!
Co-worker: hija, albino carabao yan.

After doing the walking tour, we then have our mirienda.  Some of my co-workers tried the zipline as well.  I declined on this activity using the line: “May 1 yr old baby pa po ako… baka biglang mapigtal yung tali”.

So to make use of our time (those who skipped the zipline), we decided to take the Drive-through tour.  This is the tram we rode.

The first stop was the museum of preserved animals.  This place is so dark that I didn’t bothered taking pictures.  Honestly, I don’t believe the animals in there are preserved.  Not only due to the disoriented features of the lions and lambs, but because the only ventilation they have in there is e-fan.  How can you preserve using that?

Then we went to the Tiger Safari.  We rode a jeep covered in rehas.

We were accompanied by a Feeder.  They will be the one feeding the tigers so that the tigers will come near our jeep.  This shot is from the side of the feeder.  I wasn’t able to capture the tiger when it came in our row of the jeep. I was star-strucked – or honestly, nataranta ako.

After that, we boarded the tram again.  Our next stop was the Close encounter.

The Close Encounter is where we enter the Tigers’ cage.  We were walking on sidewalk-size path with the cages of the tigers on our right.  More than 30 tigers were at the cages. Some tigers growl.  Some tigers walk to have a closer look at the tourist. During these times, I can only stand still and stop walking. Kasi what if the lock suddenly opened? OMG, may 1 yr old pa po ako.  (kaya sorry po sa malalabong pictures, nanginginig po ang kamay ko)

This White Tiger was a gift from the Princess of Dubai.  It is 4yrs old.  I asked why was it given to us.  The tour guide told us that as tigers grow old, they became more scary.
Me: ah kasi matapang na sya kaya binigay sa tin?
Tour Guide: yes po. Tsaka napansin po nila wala daw po tayong white tiger

After that, we went to a lot more attractions.  No more pictures from here because I was dead tired (I was hoping we were already done with the attractions).  So I’ll just enumerate the attractions.

Savannah – home to domesticated animals.  Not sure why it is called home to domesticated animals because what we saw in there are ostrich, wild boars, deer, and chicken (well this one is domesticated).
Aetas Tribe – the Aetas did animal dance to us (and loves to startle us by shouting).
Croco Loco – I think, around 50 crocodiles are idle in here.  They look like rocks. They don’t move.
Another Museum – of animal bones.  Looking at the animal bones, I remember my Biology class in high school where we were asked to dissect a frog, then afterwards, clean the bones and send it as a project.  Wow.

Subic is a military base – so don’t be surprised to see this.  It’s a trapezoid bunker.  It is bulletproof and bombproof.  This is where Americans used to place their ammunition.

I was dead tired during this outing.  Walking under the heat of the sun and occasional rain drops.  Then entering the bus which is so damn cold. Before 7PM, I was experiencing headache. But that didn’t stopped me from going inside Duty Free when the Bus stopped there haha.  I went to Subic full of animals, but here are my loots.

Feeling balikbayan lang hahaha

Subic is not advisable for day tour.  It is a good place to unwind overnight.  But will drain your energy for a day tour.  And I really thank God that we decided not to bring Neo for this outing.  I can only imagine a frustrated baby with me L


  1. Wow.pano kaya pag ako ang andun near the tiger,, whaaa. baka magwala yung tiger, at hindi na ko makagalaw sa paninigas.whooo

    1. naku sis, really scary. kahit nakakulong pa sila. parang growl pa lang, nanginginig ka na. hahaha


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