Thursday, June 13, 2013

Independence Day is for the Family

We spent our 115th Independence Day as a family.  With my family from Cebu coming over to Manila for vacation plus Leo’s father and brother with us, it’s a holiday to spend out.  We met at MOA to have a lunch gathering.  The Management of MOA set up their events center for the Man of Steel.  And here he is:

Then Tito GB had to take a picture carrying the Man of Steel.

When we were trying to look for a place to take our lunch, Papa Leo chanced upon an exhibit of the Philippine Air Force.  Well, for a big fan of whatever military, he couldn't resist to have a picture of him inside the cockpit.

After that, we accompanied Lolo Frank to Victory Bus Terminal.  He went home yesterday after more than 2 weeks of being Neo’s yaya.  My family from Cebu decided that we would be visiting a casino afterwards.  But with some miscommunication, we ended up in Resorts World and them at Solaire.

Since we were waiting for them to arrive at Resorts World, Leo and I decided to get a free membership. But we weren’t able to play.  People below 21yrs old are not allowed in the gaming area.  And since we have an 18th month kiddo, we just roam around Resorts World.

It was a very tiring day but a happy one.


Baby Neo’s Mama

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