Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Sweetest Day… So Far

Yesterday was my sweetest day, so far…

Our baby Neo is now very expressive.  When I was about to go to work yesterday, he hugged me for a good 2minutes.  We were hugging and kissing each other in our front door.  He wouldn’t let go of me even though Lolo Frank was luring him outside the house (his weakness :P).  When he finally let go, I walked out of our gate.  He cried ng bongga.  So ending Lolo Frank and Neo walked Mama out of the subdivision’s gate.  Lolo Frank needed to deceive Neo by pointing out airplanes, cars (whatever was there during that time) and I had to run and hide so I can go to work.

Come night time, I arrived home with Neo just waking up fresh from his afternoon nap.  When he saw me, he instantly hugged me. When I try to get away to change clothes, he would pull me back.  We were hugging too much yesterday.

We played a whole lot too, after I washed his clothes (9 straight hours of using computer then washing toddler clothes = pasmadong kamay).  I was dead tried yesterday, but everything was so worth it whenever I see my baby.

Maybe Neo is at this stage where he loves to see and hug and kiss Mama all the time.  I don’t want time to pass by.  Where can I buy a time stopper? LOL.

Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. Sweet Neo.. same as Ivy, She also hugs and kisses me a lot, when Im at home, because we rarely do that when I go to work..

    1. sarap ng may baby, 'no? stress reliever :)


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