Monday, June 24, 2013

Saturday is Neo Day

We spent last Saturday at SM Mall of Asia.  There was an event that we pre-registered for Neo to participate.  This is the Breeze SigeLand.  Actually, there were 2 activities we wanted Neo to participate, but due to lack of time, we weren’t able to use the other activity.  The other activity is for Vitapops Inventor’s Lab.  Next time na lang siguro.

At Breeze SigeLand, kids were given free toys (one toy per kid), no need to pay.  Mommies just have to sign a waiver that they will agree to let their kids learn even if it leads to stains.  They were giving out 4 toy varieties: Bike to Courage, Paintings for Creativity, Balls for Sportsmanship, and Swimming pools for Confidence.

Since, we were late in arriving and it’s a first come first serve activity, when it was our time to choose our toy, only paintings and swimming pools are available.  Neo already has his own swimming pool.  So we got the painting set – though my heart was really set on a bike. Luckily, when we were doing our cashless payment, a kiddie bike appeared out of nowhere.  So we grabbed it and Neo now has his own bike.  For free!

We then head to the grocery.  After that, we decided to go to Vitapops Inventor’s Lab as Neo also has his ticket for that activity.  However, Papa Leo and I decided not to let Neo play in there.  Neo was sick the whole week and 2 activities for a day might make him experience binat.  So when we were about to go home, we passed by a family holding this dog:

NEO: cat!
Me: Anak, that’s a dog.

Aw!  That too cute dog confused my baby.  For the record, it was a Japanese Spitz.

Hope you had a happy weekend as well.


Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. Sis, may entrance fee ba yun? Till when un?

    1. hi sis. no entrance fee. that day lang ung activity. u just have to like breeze fb page. they're planning ata to have a round 2. so like their page na :)

  2. Replies
    1. sana nga. but need magbaon ng sobrang daming patience dito, sis. bukod sa super daming mommies nakapila, mabilis din ma-bore ang mga kiddos.


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