Monday, June 3, 2013

Start of Our Yaya-less Week

I told you last week that ate Marlyn went on vacation to her province.  She’ll be there for a week.  Therefore, we are officially yaya-less for the whole week.  Papa kindheartedly volunteered to take care of Neo (actually, they wanted to bring Neo to Cagayan and bring him back na lang daw by December, nyek.)

Friday was the start of our yaya-less week, which we don’t really felt because the whole of Leo’s family was still in our house.  Saturday was full-blown (with Mama, Lei, and LJ going home to Cagayan).  We started the day by cleaning.  I cleaned our CR using lots of bleach.  Afterwards, we went to SM Dasma to do our weekly grocery.  They already opened the 7-storey parking building. It was for free that day, so we tried it.

View from the parking (2nd floor)

For people doing their grocery, parking in the upper floors is not really a good option.  We’ll you can’t bring all your grocery bags to the department store exit just to go to the parking. What we did was left the grocery bags at the baggage counter at the foodcourt (so we just fetch our bags when we were about to go out).

Upon arriving home, Leo, Papa, and Neo accompanied Mama, Lei, and LJ to the bus terminal going to Pasay.  (I volunteered not to come along as we wouldn’t fit in the car).  When they were out, I cleaned the sink using detergent and bleach, again.  I have been using bleach the whole day, so come evening time, my head aches like crazy.  (Well, I can still feel the pain today, even after drinking lots of mefenamic, paracetamol, and neozep.  The pain won’t go away.)

Since I don’t feel well yesterday, Sunday, Leo washed our clothes.  It was minimal (no more than 20 items, all including shirts, pants, shorts).  We went to church afterwards, and then paid some bills. 

Back at home, we fixed everything for the coming workweek.  This will be a looooong week for us.  Hope we’re still alive by Saturday.


Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. you can do it! I either don't have househelp for 5 months now. ^^

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