Friday, June 7, 2013

The Art of Diaper Changing

Last year, April, we were yayaless for almost a month, after we finally decided to let go of Neo’s first yaya (who’s a very grrr yaya, will tell you about her on a different post).  Our first day being yayaless, we asked the help of Neo’s Mamita and tito GB.  But since, tito GB is studying and Mamita is very old to take care of Neo, our first day was a disaster.  So on the 2nd day, we ask the help of Lolo Jun to take care of Neo the whole night.  When Mama and Papa arrived home from work the next morning (we were still working night shift that time), this is what Lolo did to Neo’s diaper:

Well, all we can say is that Lolo Jun is not very good at diaper changing, what do you think? LOL.

Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. ahahhaha.. bright idea lolo. maparaan ^^

  2. I can't help myself to Lol! My dad used to take care of my eldest when I'm at work. The funny part is: he can't change diapers. He said, he cant wash my eldest's private part because it's a no-no for him to touch, by the way I have a baby girl. So, the sad part is: my eldest got rashes all over her butt...but I am proud of him, he decided not to go to work to take care of my eldest. He said, he can't allow me to stop growing (career-wise) because of mommyhood. Oh I miss him, he passed away almost 3 years ago...

    1. aw... that's so sweet of your dad.


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