Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crushing Candies

I am not a facebook addict though people think I am.  I login to facebook daily not to update status, not to check my friends’ status updates, but to launch 2 applications I so love to play.  These are Candy Crush and Criminal Case

Before Leo bought our PC, I specifically told him, I don’t want gaming applications installed in it.  I don’t want him to be addicted to PC games.  But hey! Look who’s addicted?

Darn!  I’ve been in this level for 2weeks already and I can’t seem to move on… how do I get out of this level??? How????


  1. Yay! I got hooked to it too. I played on my phone, but later on uninstalled it because I can't do something productive, lol! :D

  2. I stopped playing it na,,at first ginagambala ko lagi si bf ko na tulungan me pag frustrated na ko sa moves!I also play Criminal Case,. kakaadik lang rin noh!!

    1. agree, super nakakaadik ang games na ito! hahaha :D


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