Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eating Magnum – Neo’s Way

Neo loves sweet.  This little boy is a very picky eater but when it comes to sweets, you don’t need to ask him twice.  It must be his sixth sense but he knows when a food is sweet and when it’s not.  Leo and I both know that as parents we should not give him lots of sweets – but most of the time we indulge, because he looks very happy eating it.  Bad mama L

Last Saturday, SM Supermarket has a freebie of a piece of Magnum once your grocery reaches Php1000 – we paid more than that, so NEO gets to eat Magnum.  How does he eat Magnum?

Tasting if it’s really sweet…

Yes it is! So giving Mama the doe-eye pa-cute effect to taste again…

Ending… Simot sarap!



  1. Ahahha.. sweet tooth baby. ^^ not too much of sweet NEO..

    1. sis, si mommy ang dapat i-control. hirap pigilan ang baby na magana sweets :P

  2. It should be illegal to be that cuuuuuuute!


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