Monday, July 1, 2013

Tipid Tip: Group Buying Sites

I am a fan of group buying sites.  This saves me a lot.  I normally buy stuffs for relaxation such as massages and fun activities.  We don’t use group buying sites for travels and gadgets – as this is a risky business.  So how do I really save on group buying sites?

·         Sign up and receive updates – so you will be updated on all the new deals, you need to sign up on group buying sites.

·         Compare prices – check the other group buying sites if they offer lower costs. 

·         Validate with the Merchant – it’s a must to validate the deals with the merchant.  They may not be offering the same deal that the group buying site offers.  I personally experienced this.  The group buying site offered a massage treatment and asked me to choose a branch where I like to avail the services.  Lo and behold, when I reserved, the merchant told me that the deal was for another branch L

·         Cross-check Deals with the Merchant – this is a bit different with validating.  In validating you asked the merchant if the deal that the group buying site offers is valid.  With cross-checking, you check if you really get discounts or promos with the group buying sites.  Most of the times, the group buying site will tell you, 50% off, and when you check the merchant’s website, they have an ongoing promo worth lesser than 50% off.

·         Complaints – don’t hesitate on giving out complaints.  You should get the services you paid for.  While it’s good to rant on internet publicly so others will not have the same negative experiences as you have, I highly suggest you complain directly with the group buying site and make sure to copy DTI in all your conversations.  Email address:

List of Group buying sites you can check out:

Hope this helps you!


Baby Neo’s Mama


  1. Nice sis.. I checked some, but some are blocked here sa office.. =)

    1. hehe, bawal siguro maggroup buy sa office :P


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