Saturday, July 13, 2013

Travel Madness Expo

I posted before that Leo and I are so fond of booking airfare during promos but I also mentioned that due to impulsiveness there were 2 flights that we weren’t able to use, and those were the pricey ones.  Due to that, I have been very careful in booking airfare promos. 

However, yesterday, my self-control was put to a test – not just once, but a lot of times.  It’s the 3day Travel Madness Expo at SMX and I was invited by my cousin, ate Mae, to come over.  Since, Neo has not been feeling well lately, I told her I may not come.  So, one temptation down.

Then when I opened my facebook account, I saw Cebu Pacific was on Piso Sale ALL DESTINATIONS – my goodness!  Browsing down, what do I see, Tiger Airways is on Zero Fare Sale on selected Philippines destinations.  Now, that is what you call total temptation.

The whole day I was conversing to Leo weighing the pros and cons of booking right there and then.  After so much discussion, we resolved to go the SMX to check the Travel Madness Expo.

There were a lot of promos from airline companies to travel companies to hotels for vacation. 

After going back and forth, I told Leo that my passport will be expiring and we need to book an international flight ASAP, kasi what if I renew my passport and the people from DFA saw that I don’t have a travel stamp and they don’t renew it and tell me: hindi ka pala magtatravel tapos kuha kuha ka ng passport. Hindi ka na namin bibigyan ng bago.OMG, that’s the deciding factor.  I need to book na agad.  But then, I was informed by a sis from Female Network that there is no need to worry, DFA will renew my passport even without a stamp.  With that, my self-control won, no impromptu and impulsive booking done yesterday.  Whew.

But for those who want to get cheap travel packages and fares, you may visit the Travel Madness Expo at SMX 3 and 4.  They have a lot of good deals J

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ahhahaha can relate here, I got my passport too uhmm actually soon to be expired na rin , maybe On September. Gosh, hindi ko pa rin nagagamit un sis.. Swear.. So I am thinking kung e rrenew ko pa.

    1. go go sa pagrenew, u'll never know kung when bigla need na makapagtravel ka ;)


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