Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing As A Hobby

I love reading.  I so love to pass this trait to my son.  I get the notion kasi that when a person loves to read, he is knowledgeable.  Neo has his own Kids Bible (a dedication gift from Ninong Ed) which I try to read to him when he was younger.  But all he does is pick on the pages and try to tear it.  So I bought him a small book to read (hardbound, so he won’t be able to tear it), but he will just throw this away (he managed to tear it as well, by the way).  I came to the resolution that he may be too young to love reading.

But there is one hobby that Neo loves doing nowadays.  Writing. Yes, our baby Neo loves to write.  He would get a pencil and a paper and start writing scribbles.  We indulge – but make sure to keep our focus on him when he writes as pencils are sharp objects. 

Neo wanted to put that hoddie when he writes (not sure why)

Filling up forms for his Flu vaccination

I know, hindi dapat manawa to teach Neo reading.  But think I’ll go with one at a time slogan.  Neo will love reading eventually, and will still love writing. I hope… :P

What hobby does your child wants these days?

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