Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ask the Audience

Nope.  They’re not carnappers.  The guy in blue is Papa Leo and those other men are guards of SM Mall of Asia – both uniformed and undercover.  So what are they doing?  They’re on area when Papa Leo looked for someone to helped him unlocked his car door because he left his car keys inside the car for the second time.

We went to MOA yesterday to fetch Neo’s new yaya.  Sosyal no? MOA pa.  It's midway kasi from Pasig and Cavite.  Papa was thinking a lot of things when he parked that he left his car keys inside.  He can’t use his Call a Friend lifeline as his friend, my dad, is at Cavite enjoying the bed weather.  So he used another lifeline, Ask the Audience. Harhar.

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