Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Habagat the Second Time Around

Have you experienced Ondoy?  I didn’t.  I was safely home when it happened.

Have you experience Habagat last year August 16-18, 2012?  I did.  I was at work.  I was still working in a call center, night shift.  Leo and I decided to take the car to my work, at SM Bacoor.  We haven’t forecasted that it would rain so much. The surroundings of SM Bacoor experienced waist-high flood.   I worked in the 4th floor and SM personnel were intelligent enough to put sandbags in every SM entrance, so the flood water didn’t reach inside the mall.  Leo fetch me from the office the following day and we went home when we saw that the flood waters were only knee-high na lang.  The car?  We left it for 2days at the parking lot of SM Bacoor, lucky car the flood didn't reach its makina.

Another round of Habagat + Tropical Storm Maring.  Yesterday, we decided not to go to work and just be safe inside our house.  Now, I braved the rain.  It was raining so hard that even though I am sitting beside the bus driver – I still can’t have a clear view of the roads.  I was at Tambo, Paranaque, when the driver decided not to push through going to Baclaran.  The flood was more than knee-high and as he says: titirik ang sasakyan ko dyan.  Funny thing was, my colleague texted me that we don’t have work today – wow, after I braved the rain, wala pa lang pasok.  So I didn’t got off the bus when the driver said he will just go home.  When we passed by the small flyover at Kawit and Gen Trias intersection, there were lots of fallen trees and bushes and to add: dalawang magkapatong na nitso sa gitna ng kalsada.  Wow.

It is said in the news that this Habagat is worse than Ondoy.  Ondoy reached 455mm rainfall in 24hrs, 2012 Habagat reached 472mm rainfall, while 2013 Habagat + TS Maring reached 600mm rainfall.  Read news here.

Be safe everyone.


  1. This one caught my attention..

    "dalawang magkapatong na nitso sa gitna ng kalsada."

    Pano? hahahha.

    1. naku sis, nakakaloka talaga... i was meaning to take pictures then send it to youscoop of GMA, kaso katakot promise... sabi ng mga tao baka inanod daw ng baha... creepy, promise.


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