Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ham Roll Ala Leo

Since it’s a long weekend, and we decided not to go out, Papa just cooked something for Mama and Neo.  He doesn’t cook a lot of times, but he can cook – unlike his lovely wife (ehem…) who really can’t. 

Here’s his recipe of ham roll which we all enjoyed today.

Loaf of bread
Cooking oil
Pack of ham
Cheese slices
Eggs (beaten)
Bread crumbs

1.       Fry ham in medium heat.
2.      Flatten slices of bread using edge of glass.
3.       Put sliced cheese and ham inside the flatten bread, roll, and seal using water.
4.      Dip the rolled bread in beaten eggs first, then next to the bread crumbs.
5.       Fry bread rolls until golden brown.

And tada! Here’s the finish product. 

Have a delicious weekend J


  1. I am always thinking na gumawa ng ganyan., but with hotdog version naman, tamad mode lang kasi..

    1. quick lang gawin, sis. i tried it myself, though hindi kasing successful ng gawa ni hubby hahaha


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