Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is This a Legal Marketing Strategy?

I have been working at Pasay for quite a while now but haven’t been to Harrison Plaza.  So last week lunchtime, I took my quick lunch no more than 10mins, and off I go to Harrison.  Harrison is a big place with little attractions.  It is now house to SM Harrison, a 3 level department store.  I bought Neo a pair of clothes in there. 

When I was about to go out, a lady cut my way to tell me I won a free face massager because it’s their store’s anniversary.  I shrugged her off because I know these kinds of deals.  But she quickly grabbed my arm and told me to help her as her last client para makapaglunch na sya.  She was literally dragging me to their store area. 

There, she asked me to sit in a massager and asked me to input details in a piece of paper.  I put in my name, address as Cavite, and a wrong cellphone number.  She keeps on asking me details about myself and keeps on going in hysterics (that’s how I describe her way of chatting) joined by another lady in their store, going on like: “ay, tama!”; “pareho tayo”; “galing galing naman!” with matching apir sa hands.  They asked some identification cards of mine, which I told her I don’t have one with me that time. 

The ending part was, they give me a face massager, and then let me pick a prize.  The prize being Php2,000 GC of their store and a free chair massager, utensils, whatever (there were a lot of items) which costs DAW more than Php100k.  And I get all that if I buy their products costing Php60k, one of which is the induction cooker that Kris Aquino uses in Junior MasterChef.  Now that got me thinking, isn’t it Judy Ann Santos in Junior MasterChef?  The real catch?  I get to use the GC that day alone. 

I’m not sure if this kind of marketing strategy is illegal or is this some kind of scam, but I think they can fool lots of people by doing this.  I remember the store’s name as GDU Enterprises.

Here’s the photo of the face massager. 

And Neo massaging his face. :P


  1. There are a lot of that kind of business outside..haysss.. Some of them are SCAM sorry, but some are legal.. it is hard to distinguish na lang talaga which is which, dahil sa mga mahilig mang SCAM.

    1. so true, parang nagkalat sila ngayon...


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