Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marital Rape

I heard a shocking news yesternight.  That is Sunshine Cruz filed a case against ex-husband Cesar Montano.  Read news here:  The case is a violation of Republic Act 9262 o Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act.  The case against Cesar also highlights physical abuse and rape.  Wait, rape?  Aren’t they married?

So I searched the internet about rape inside marriage, and yes there is such a thing.  It’s called Marital Rape.

From Wikipedia:
Marital rape, also known as spousal rape, is non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse. It is a form of partner rape, of domestic violence, and of sexual abuse. It can be equally, if not more, emotionally and physically damaging than rape by a stranger.

Marital rape is any unwanted sexual acts by a spouse or ex-spouse, committed without consent and/or against a person's will, obtained by force, or threat of force, intimidation, or when a person is unable to consent.
These sexual acts include intercourse, anal or oral sex, forced sexual behavior with other individuals, and other sexual activities that are considered by the victim as degrading, humiliating, painful, and unwanted.

In case there is truth in Sunshine Cruz’s claim, she will be a voice of women who are victim of this kind of violence.

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