Friday, August 30, 2013

Neo – My Little Shokoy

Why do kids love water? 

I will never find the answer to that question.  Kids just act so excited whenever there is water.  Our Neo is not an exemption.  He loves water.  So whenever we have spare time, he and Leo would take a dip in the pool at our clubhouse.  He enjoys it a lot.  I think if he can swim the whole day, he will do it.   But being the worrier mommy in me, I only allow him for 30mins.  And the baby would surely squirm and be angry when you get him out of the water.  Parang little shokoy. LOL

(Enjoying the water with Papa Leo)

(Ayan, galit na sya kasi umahon na)

I don’t know how to swim.  Before, I was firm to the fact that any child of mine will not learn to swim.  Why?  Because ang mga nalulunod ay yung marunong lumangoy.  Sila kasi ang malakas ang loob pumunta sa malalim na part ng dagat.  But after so many incidents of sinking ships here in the Phils, I think, accidents really can happen, and Neo needs to learn to swim.  Kaya lang, isn’t it too early for him to do swimming lessons?  What do you think, mommies?


  1. ok lang yun sis.. mas maganda nga raw na while baby pa, know how to swim na..and so were same, I don't know how to swim either,and Ivy, knows how to swim a little.. go go go.let hime learn. just POV. hihi

    1. thanks for the advice, sis. siguro hanap kami ng nice place to enroll him sa swimming lessons. :)


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