Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Yaya Stories: Woes and Stress

We’ve had several yayas already.  We had our share of sakit ng ulo because of them.  But it’s not all sadness and stress; there are times that we feel blessed din with some.  I blogged before that our trusted yaya, ate Marlyn, will be leaving na.  Now the search for a new yaya is on.  We have list of qualities we look for a yaya but before I go on that list, I’ll tell you some stories about our previous yayas.

Yaya #1:  Rona.  She’s by far the worst.  We had her during my maternity leave without so much requirements as we really needed a yaya since I’ll be returning to work.  She’s older than my mom.  Our first day together was spent not by us stating our house rules but instead by her telling us stories of why she doesn’t like all her former Amos.  She points her fingers at us and shouts at Leo and me.  She can stay out of the house for hours just making chismis with the neighbors.  She would give Neo water only to drink as she doesn’t want to be disturbed by preparing milk. She clearly told me that she doesn’t want relatives over our house since she doesn’t want to serve them. She makes us eat kaning lamig and left over ulam.  One time, she didn’t came back from her day off telling us she’s sick but my mom’s laundry lady, who recommended her, told us she’s just at her daughter’s house.  When we ousted her in our house, our neighbors told us that she’s making stories like: we don’t give her food, we are maarte, we are palautos, etc etc… We finally let her go without a replacement.  We can’t stand living in the same roof with her.  She stayed with us for 3months.

Yaya #2: Forgot her name.  She’s in her early 30s.  She agreed to be our help only if her 2yr old daughter is with her.  We were yayaless for 2weeks, so we agreed.  She stayed with us for less than 12hours.  Her daughter is a handful being 2yrs old.  The daughter would squeeze Neo’s face and tried to kiss Neo’s lips hahaha.  Neo’s Mamita got angry.  So ending, they just slept over our house then got off at 6AM in the morning.

Yaya #3: Marlyn.  Well, she’s by far our favorite.  When she started with us, she and her husband are separated (sumakabilang bahay ang asawa nya).  She loves Neo.  She doesn’t clean well, but we’re not maselan naman.  She’s like a family to us.  However, her husband tried to woo her again – and now, she’s like a teenager in love.  Actually, I pity her.  Her husband is my dad’s nephew in a malayong kamag-anak, and my dad knows that the husband is still with the other woman.  But what can we do…?  She’s in love.  Love is blind.

Yaya #4: Risa.  She arrived last Wednesday.  Remember, we fetched her at MOA? When we met, we ate at Chowking but tinusuktusok nya lang ang food, telling us, she’s not hungry.  When we arrived at our house, we asked her to eat dinner.  She’s not hungry daw.  So come Thursday, Leo and I are off to work.  We received a text message from Neo’s Mamita who is staying with us for the week at 10AM, that Risa is crying since morning, that she didn’t eat, that she wanted to go na daw due to different reasons (her reasons varies per person she tells it…such lies…).  Ate Marlyn was so worried because Risa didn’t eat dinner, then didn’t eat breakfast, then didn’t eat lunch.  Hunger Strike ang peg.  What if she collapsed in our house and her family blames us?  I asked Leo to go home early and talk to that person.  We paid for her fare from Cagayan and gave her salary in advance for one month.  Now we want that back.  Luckily, when I arrived home, she’s no longer around.  I was honestly worried that Neo would be traumatized by a crying lady inside our house.

Lord, please give us a new yaya in replacement for ate Marlyn who is as caring as her.  Who will love Neo to bits.  A yaya who we can call heaven-sent.


  1. Ohhh my,, That's really difficult mare.. Finding new yaya, is really stressfull and parang sugal kung makakahanap ka ng matino. Well,goodluck, and hope you can find one's heaven-sent.

    1. true... stressful maghanap ng new yaya - pray pray talaga to find a good one.


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