Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rainy Days

It has been raining nonstop since Saturday.  We braved the rain last Saturday to escort ate Mae to the airport.  She went home to Cebu after 5months here in Manila.  Then come Sunday, we just went to church and rested the whole afternoon, so we would be ready for another work week ahead.  But overnight Sunday, the rain didn’t stop.  It was pouring so hard here in Cavite.  When it was time to get ready to work, Leo and I just decided not to go – and it was one good decision.  When we checked our spare bedroom, it has water all over the floor.  Binaha ang second floor namin.  The rain came from the roof trailing to the walls.  It was not too much water (mga 1 balde after cleaning).

Leo was lucky he brought home his laptop so he was able to work from home.  But I didn’t bring home mine, so ending, I was just resting and bonding with Neo.  Come 9AM, we decided to watch TV.

Ate Marlyn: Bebe, tara, manood na tayo ng Sailor Moon.
Me: Kaloka ka ate!  Yan ba ang pinapanood mo kay Neo pag wala kami???? Mahahighblood si Leo nyan!

Imagine our baby boy, who has fair skin and has always been mistaken as a baby girl when he was younger, is led by his yaya in watching Sailor Moon. L  so we just bonded in our room.

Neo doesn’t want Mama kissing him so much… oh, he grows so fast…

Here, Neo massaging Mama’s head as Mama pretends to have headache.


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    1. thanks, sis. Kayo din ni Ivy...

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