Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thoughts

I have a lot of things on my mind lately… like

Why do lots of people rave about Mamy Poko diapers?  We tried it and leaks so much.  There was even a time we were walking at the mall then suddenly Neo stopped walking.  When we looked at him, his Mamy Poko diaper was lying on the mall floor.  Good thing wala kaming kasunod. Nakakahiya…Hay…

I have to think positive.  With the new provincial bus terminal nakikipagbalyahan ako with a lot of people, added expenses on fare, I get all the alikabok of EDSA, nakikipagpatintero ako with a lot of manyakis, mandurukot and snatcher.  But since I have nga to think positive, I get to walk like 1km going to work and 1km back home so I lose weight.  Like what Mommy Fleur said: Balik Alindog project thanks to MMDA Chair Tolentino.

I gained so much weight in the past months, like 3-4kilos… I’ve heard lots of comments about this, the worst being: “tumataba ka…buntis ka ba?”  I have to exercise all my self-control not to strangle that person.  Wala naman ako kasalanan sa kanya, bakit nya kailangan pasamain ang loob ko? How can I lose weight agad????

Our neighbor, a foreigner, passed by our house to discuss something.  He was with his wife, a Filipina.  While I was busy chatting with him, Neo’s Mamita told ate Marlyn: “dapat ung babae na lang kumausap kay Nerisa”. Ouch! Minamaliit ni Mamita ang aking English-speaking prowess… L

How can people be so greedy?  I am talking about the Pork Barrel scam.  Hindi ba pwedeng kumuha lang ng konti?  Bakit pagnagnakaw, bonggang  bilyones? Masarap ba sa pakiramdam humiga sa pera?  When opportunity comes knocking, go grab it!  Even if it’s stealing…

Photos form Google.


  1. awts.. awts.. awts. naman!let's speak english teh,let's show them that we can SPEAK English,, whohooo. about loosing weight, try mo kaya mag juice diet,joke, exercise lang yan.

    1. korek, 'te, talagang minaliit ang aking english-speaking prowess. hindi ko ata keri ang juice diet... baka himayin ako :S


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