Monday, August 5, 2013

When The Yaya Has To Go…

Ate Marlyn has been with us for over a year.  She is a very loving yaya to Neo.  Initially, she was separated with her husband, who had another woman.  Now, she was courted back by her husband and they are together again.  When she told us this fact months ago, Leo and I already predicted that she would not stay.

When she was not yet reunited with her husband, she has lots of issues with finances being a single mother to six children.  She asks for advance of salary a lot of times, which we indulge.  She needs money, we have some, and we give.  She is like a family to us.

Now that she is back together with her husband, there are a lot of times that she’s preoccupied.  She texts and calls a lot.  She is in love all over again.  I also blogged about her leaving Neo in a locked room.  Even though, she has lots of misses, we like her and would love for her to stay long with our family.  She loves Neo so much and takes care of Neo as if he was her own.

When she told us she’s leaving, we seem at lost.  We are sad that someone we trusted so much will leave us, though we are happy that she wants to have a happy family life.  We are sad and worried.  Can we ever find another yaya who would take care and love Neo as if he’s their child? 


  1. That was sad to hear..I hope you can find another good yaya for NEO sis.


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