Monday, September 30, 2013

Toddler Milestone: Coloring

Good morning, everyone!

It’s the start of the week.  I have so much kwento about our weekend – because we were so happy last weekend bonding with my side of the family.  But I’m still waiting for my cousin, Kim, to give me the pics for complete visual kwento hehe

By the way, I blogged before that Neo is very fond of writing.  He still loves writing but it only came second best to his new love: coloring.  We bought him a coloring book when we went to the Book Fair at SMX earlier this month.  I also bought him a normal size color (Leo argued na Neo should be using the big ones kasi that’s for small kids daw, but I still bought the normal size since Neo can hold it perfectly well naman).

We encourage Neo to do these things to improve his skills.  Pero I highly discourage him coloring our walls.  When he points at his coloring materials, I always provide paper for him.  Ayoko naman maging isang malaking masterpiece ang bahay namin.

Sharing you some of his masterpieces from the coloring book.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kikay Mommy Sha’s Zinio Magazine Giveaway

Earlier this month, Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha sponsored a giveaway in her blog.  Together with Zinio, she gave away 1 year subscription to 9 of her lucky readers!   

Photo from Kikay Mommy Sha

I love reading, so there’s no thinking twice, I joined.  And luckily, I won.

And what magazine did I subscribe to? 

Thanks, Sha and Zinio! Enjoy reading to me!  :)

You can also enjoy reading by subscribing to Zinio.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Smile That Captured My Heart

Warning:  Cuteness Overload.

Being a mom gives me the opportunity to love and care for another person.  Someone I don't know last 25 years ago.  Someone I haven't thought would exist.

Almost 2 years ago, this little guy captured my heart with his tenderness - with his smile.  I couldn't help but share you some photos of how lucky I am to be a mom to this cute little boy.

Oops, don't forget to join my 1st ever blog giveaway.  Click here for the link

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Neo's Mama's 1st Giveaway!

It’s the holiday season already and what better way to indulge than to treat ourselves as kids roaming in an amusement park.  This is my first giveaway – and I will be giving not 1, not 2 but 4 Star City Ride-All-You-Can passes to one lucky reader.  Actually, I was planning to give just 2 passes to two lucky readers, but when Leo learned about it, he instantly felt that it would just be the mommy and the kid, and the papa will be left out.  So nobody gets left out, Papa, Mama, kiddo and granny can join with 4 passes, right?

So join join join!

Ø  Join via rafflecopter below.
Ø  Leave your name and email address on this post as a comment.
Ø  Announcement of winner will be on Oct 4.
Ø  Star City Ride-All-You-Can prize can only be claimed and used Mondays to Fridays, not on weekends and holidays from October to November 2013.  The prize is not convertible to cash.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mommy Fleur Day Pictures

Hello everyone!  Remember I attended Mommy Fleur Day last month.  It was so much fun.  I won’t get tired saying I had so much fun.  With all the foods, the raffle prizes, the blog readers and mommy bloggers, and Mommy Fleur herself.  Super solve ako. 

I made lots of friends in that event too. 

This is me with Lally, Krisna, and Marie.

This is me with Maqui, Sha, and Marie (and Lally na nakatalikod).  Wagas ang tawa ko no?  super saya ko lang that day.  

And with everyone.

And I won this fab book from The Soshal Network.

Go to Mommy Fleur blog and browse through the pictures.  You will feel na you’re also there sa ganda ng quality the photos, promise.

All photos grabbed from Mommy Fleur.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rainy Monday

It was raining non-stop since Saturday.  Last night, super lakas ng rain sa amin, when we woke up kanina, Leo and I are still thinking kung papasok ba kami or not.  Being a dutiful employee (malay mo mabigyan pa ng award na Employee of the Year, chos!), we both went to work.  Kakaloka lang, 15 mins after I arrived here at work, ayun, they declared na No Work today.  Wow. 

I’ll just make some kwento about our weekend before I rush to go home.  Last Friday, Leo and I went to MOA (we always do that.  It’s our Fri-date.  Since MOA is the closest mall here at my work, we always drop by during Fridays for our Papa-Mama-time).  It’s the Mooncake Festival pala.  We took a photo of this giant mooncake.  Mooncake Festival daw is like Valentines Day for Chinese.

Then, when we went to the grocery, I saw this United Village Breadhouse spread.  Remember, its part of the party food last Mommy Fleur Day?  and I super like it.  I bought the Cream Cheese with garlic and herbs and the Cheese Pimiento.  The little boy loved both.  He loves dipping his breadsticks in it.  It cost Php50 each (the small one).

Then we went grocery shopping at SM Dasma.  After 1-2hours buying our weekly groceries (yes, it takes me that long to do my grocery shopping when I’m with Neo), we went to Barrio Fiesta to eat our mirienda.  I was debating with Leo pa if we will have mirienda all you can at Barrio Fiesta because I’m trying to lose weight. 

Me: Love, kakain ako ng madami… nagpapapayat ako.
Leo: Love, pagnagddiet, there is what you call, a Cheat Day.
Me: oo nga, pero araw araw, Cheat Day ko?

Ending, we still go with the Mirienda All-You-Can.  It cost Php130 per pax, and children 3years below are free.

Neo;s favorite pose with Mama’s food :) 

I’m not sure how long Chinese celebrate their Mooncake Festival but even during Saturdays and Sundays, SM Malls are having promotions on it.  We were given a chance to play the dice game.  We only won a small chuckie, which didn’t last 10mins when Neo drank it.

Saleslady: Ma’am, bili na kayo ng Mooncake.
Me: Ate, ano ba ang mooncake?
Saleslady: ah, hopia po un ng mga Chinese.
Me: (talikod, to Leo): Love, di ba ang hopia sa Chinese nga un?  Niloloko ata ako ni ate…

O sya, end na ng kwento.  I’ll just read all the blogs in my blogroll, and off to our house I go.  Bye guys, have a safe Monday :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scholar’s Mate

Are you a chess enthusiast?  If you are, I know you’ve heard of this one.  The Scholar’s Mate is achieved though the following moves:
1. e4 e5
2. Qh5 Nc6
3. Bc4 Nf6??
4. Qxf7#

This is more commonly called as “Four-move Checkmate”. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because we have a Chess Tournament here in our company.  And the organizer asked me if I wanted to join the tournament.  I laughed out loud.  Why again?  One of my college PEs is Chess (in UPLB, you get to choose 4 types of Physical Education Class, PE1: The Lecture, PE2, 3, and 4 – are sports activities).  Being a lampa, I chose Chess, Bridge (a card game), and T'ai chi ch'uan (Chinese Martial arts). 

One of the requirements for me to pass the Chess class is by joining a tournament.  My Chess professor has only one requirement in this tournament, not by being a champion, but you shouldn't be checkmated in less than 10 moves.

Well, no more explaining to do.  In my 3rd game, I was trapped by my opponent in the Scholar’s Mate.  She tried to stand up and to shout that she won by 4 moves.  Those sitting beside her stopped her as they told her I will fail this subject. 

Kaloka di ba?  And my colleagues want me to join the Chess Tournament.  Hahaha, baka magkaround 2 ung four moves checkmate ko L

Photo from Wikipedia

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gastronomic Feast: Tramway Bayview Buffet

Last Tuesday was Lolo Jun’s birthday.  Initially they planned to eat and go out with Neo.  But since the darling baby is sick since Friday night, he was just left home to recuperate (he's feeling better now, by the way).  But my father doesn’t want to miss eating out for his birthday.  And since I work at Pasay and my brother, GB, studies at Pasay, we decided to try out Tramway Bayview Buffet.  And we were satisfied.

They have 2 batches for both lunch and dinner.  For lunchtime, you can choose between 11AM-1PM or 1PM-3PM.  As for dinner, you may choose between 6PM-8PM or 8PM-10PM.  We chose to eat from 11AM to 1230PM.  I was able to take lots of pictures of food - but since we were too busy eating and chatting like we haven't seen each other last 2 days ago, I haven't taken our pictures. hahaha :D  

There were lots of food choices.  From appetizers, viands, to pastas, desserts, and soups.  I wouldn’t say that all the food taste good ha?  I feel like the pasta tasted bland.  The sauce for lumpiang sariwa was too sweet as well as the coffee jelly.  But all in all, I would rate this buffet resto a 4/5.  The ambiance is good.  The place is big.  The staffs are courteous.  You don't have to wait long because they refilled the foods fast.  And it is so sulit for the price of Php248 per person.

I was super-duper full I didn’t eat dinner na. Good luck sa diet.  

Visit Tramway Bayview Buffet along Roxas Blvd.

Store Hours: 11:00am-3:00pm / 6:00pm-10:00pm
Address: 1600 Roxas Blvd. cor. Layug St., Pasay City
Tel No: 536-0401 / 536-0402

Thursday, September 19, 2013

House Rules for New Yaya

Ate Marlyn left last Sunday.  We are in need of a new yaya for Neo.  Luckily, we were able to borrow the long time yaya of Lolo Jun and Lola Net’s churchmate.  She will stay with us until such time we were able to get a new yaya – or if God permits, she stays with us longer na lang.

Even though she will just fill in the role of Neo’s yaya, we laid down house rules for her early on.  We don’t want misunderstanding along the way kasi.  So what are some rules we set?  Here are the lists.

Compensation and Benefits

Ø  Salary – discuss how much salary you intend to give and the manner and time of giving - is it monthly or weekly?  For us, we don’t give high salary for new yaya.  We are not kuripot.  We give above the salary required by the law.  And we are willing to give more but we must be sure that the yaya deserves it, and how do we know they deserve it?  Performance review.

Ø  Benefits – discuss the benefits you are planning to give.  Free toiletries?  13th month bonus? SSS? Philhealth?

Ø  Days off – Kasambahay Law dictates we give our kasambahays once a week day off.  But honestly, this case is not the best for all household.  We are lenient with days off, but are very strict regarding agreed time of return.  When we agreed for her to return on a specific time, we want it followed.  We have plans that can be ruined due to late comers from day offs.

Ø  Vacation Leaves – discuss vacation leaves if you want to grant it.  For us, we are willing to shoulder the fare for vacation leaves once they reach one year employment with us.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ø  Neo-first policy – we hire all-around yaya.  But we always have a Neo first policy.  We are not maselan in our house cleanliness.  We want her to focus on Neo.

Ø  Cleanliness – we want Neo’s yaya to be clean.  She will be preparing Neo’s food.  She will be playing with Neo a lot.  So we want her clean.  Hygiene is important for us.

Ø  Honesty – well, this is a no brainer.  So our relationship will work, we value honesty so much.

Ø  Mobile phone usage - a lot of employers nowadays are having problems with mobile phone usage.  Some yayas tend to be abusive.  Always texting and calling.  Asar kasi the unlicall and unlitext that networks implemented e.  We want Neo’s yaya to focus on him, if she’s on her cellphone a lot of times, tendencies are, she will neglect Neo.

Ø  Chismis-free household – what you see, what you hear in our household, leave it there.

Ø  Hands Off – the same way we don’t want makating dila at bibig, we don’t want malikot na kamay in our house.

Ø  DO NOT HURT NEO.  This is of utmost importance.

How about you?  What are the house rules you implement with your yaya?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mama’s Little Boy

My weekends are always spent with Leo and Neo.  Neo was sick with fever last Friday night until today.  I’m thankful na din na even though he is sick, he is still lively.  He plays a lot pa din.  Last Saturday, I made lambing to Leo to pamper me by a DIY foot spa kit.  I bought this kit at Watsons. I have been complaining of sore and dirty feet lately since the implementation of Provincial Terminal. I even asked Leo why super dumi ng kalsada sa Baclaran and EDSA.  You know during times of rain, I’ll walk at Cavite and my feet will get soaked lang but still looks clean?  When you walk at EDSA, your feet will have black marks. According to Leo it’s the pollution daw.  So, when I arrive home from work, I always wash my feet kahit pagod. Goodluck sa pasma.  But thank goodness for husbands who pamper their wives.  Well, it looks like someone wants to pamper Mama din aside from Papa. J

Last Sunday naman, we tried to do Mommy Practicality’s Make Over contest.  Look at Neo doing Mommy Practicality’s dress.  Ending, the dress looks like a mess.  But hey, I’m a proud mom, so I’ll still submit this entry pa din J

I bought this bag pala at Festival Mall last weekend.  It’s cheap lang but the neon pink color is super nice.  I used it at work na, and I had nice comments. :P

And, thanks to one of my bosses, I will now know what the fuss about this spread is.  Since the start of the year, I’ve wanted to try this but it’s always out of stock – this is the first time we’ll try it.  Thanks, Sir J

Nga pala, Neo lately is super malambing.  He starts to say “Te-chu” (his version of Thank You) already.  He loves to hug and kiss. Sana this stage of hugging and kissing will last until the world ends... haha

How about you?  How was your weekend?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cervical Cancer and Hepatitis B

Last Friday, our company hosted a Wellness Seminar.  The seminar was sponsored by GlaxoSmith Kline.  It focused on awareness of two very serious diseases – Cervical Cancer and Hepatitis B.  Two diseases that can lead to death.  Two diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

At the seminar (ang labo... pasensya na. may pasma ata ang officemate ko). 
 Ann Curtis is the new poster girl for Cervical Cancer vaccine.

Cervical Cancer (from Wikipedia) is a malignant neoplasm arising from cells originating in the cervix uteri. One of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, but in some cases there may be no obvious symptoms until the cancer has progressed to an advanced stage.  Treatment usually consists of surgery (including local excision) in early stages, and chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy in more advanced stages of the disease. 

Hepatitis B (from Wikipedia) is an infectious inflammatory illness of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that affects hominoidea, including humans. Originally known as "serum hepatitis", the disease has caused epidemics in parts of Asia and Africa, and it is endemic in China. About a third of the world population has been infected at one point in their lives, including 350 million who are chronic carriers.

We were shown short films about Cervical Cancer and Hepatitis B.  The first film is entitled Disiotso.  It’s a story about a dad celebrating the debut of her daughter observing all the binatas who are part of the 18 roses, thinking that his daughter will need cervical cancer vaccine as she is now a dalaga.  2nd film is entitled Soulmates and is about an old man reminiscing the love of her life.  She was his childhood sweetheart but when they were preparing their wedding, they discovered she had cervical cancer.  They made it to the wedding but didn’t stay long together since she died.  3rd film is entitled Pundi.  It was about a man who went home to a clattered house.  No food in the table, dirt all over the place, and his dad sleeping in the sofa drunk.  His mom just died of Cervical Cancer.

There was also a recorded testimonial of a Cervical Cancer survivor.  She told us that this kind of cancer is very smelly daw kasi you bleed a lot.  She compared the smell with a dead rat.  An OB-Gyne from PGH also gave a lecture and told us that this kind of cancer is a nakakahiyang cancer.  Why?  Because one of the way you can get this cancer is through several intercourse partners.

Hepatitis B naman on the other hand, can cause liver cancer.  There are different kinds of Hepatitis pala.  Hepa A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.  Di ba, a lot of people will tell you don’t eat street foods because it’s unclean and you might get Hepatitis?  That is true.  You will get Hepa A from unclean and raw foods. As for Hepa B, this can be caused by sexual intercourse and body fluids transfer.  Hepa B can spread 100x more than HIV.  Scary, right?

I had myself vaccinated against Cervical Cancer last 2010.  I was very eager to get this vaccine because this is something I think as an investment to my health.  Now, I signed myself and Leo for Hepa B vaccination.  We didn’t sign up for Neo – he’s already vaccinated na.  This generation is very lucky to have pedias and moms who are very vigilant in having babies vaccinated against many kinds of diseases.

So guys, what are you waiting for?  Go to your doctor and ask about screening and vaccination of these two diseases.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My First Book Fair Experience

Hello guys!  Remember last week I posted about the 34thManila International Book Fair?  It’s already the 34th and I haven’t gone to it even for once.  As a booklover, I felt it was a crime for me not to go.

So yesterday after work, off I went to SMX to see and experience this Book Fair.  I dragged Leo along with me. 

Entrance Fee is at Php20 for adults and Php15 for students.  I wasn’t able to take pictures.  I was amazed with so many books in front of me at a low cost.  We didn’t stay long and just bought some books that we liked.  We wanted to go home early as Neo has this habit of waiting for us to arrive home before going to sleep. 

Books we bought from the Book Fair.  Do you notice it’s more of children’s books?  When you’re a mom, you set your wants aside and purchase for your kids first, no?

34th Manila International Book Fair is open until Sunday.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What’s with the Pose?

Lately, Neo loves this pose.  2 weeks ago, he would just look at the camera when we say: picture, picture.  Now, he would pose na nakakiling ang ulo.  I’m not sure where he got this – though I have a hunch na Ate Marlyn taught him this. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Treat for Neo

Last Friday afternoon, I keep on craving for cupcakes.  So Leo and I roam around SM Mall of Asia to look for cupcakes.  We roam around for 2hours, but there were minimal stores that sell cupcakes. L good thing, we were able to buy a few pa din.

Saturday morning, we decided to let Neo have a cupcake day.  He chose the cupcakes he wants to eat.  He didn’t eat a cupcake, but instead he ate the CInnabon.  He was very partial to Cinnabon.  He loves Cinnabon.  If we allow him, he can finish a whole classic Cinnabon.

Neo chose his cupcakes.  Those cupcakes are from Brownies Unlimited Big, Mini cupcakes from Brownies Unlimited, Cinnabon Classic, Cinnabon Red Velvet cupcake (left to right) and the 2 in the middle front are from Aristocrat Pastries.

After eating cupcakes, we allowed Neo to swim in our Subdivision’s swimming pool.  Oh, he was so happy.  His swimming trunks nga pala doesn’t fit him na, bulging belly na ang itsura nya (parang manginginom… ng gatas LOL).  We indulge Neo’s simple joys as he celebrates his 21st month the following day.

By lunch time, Papa treated him at Sbarro.  When I was pregnant, I love eating at this place.  This might be the reason why Neo loves pasta. hehe

Come Sunday, which is Grandparents Day, we decided to go to O-o Jun and Lola Net’s house.  Eat and Run ang peg namin, because we need to go at Batangas pa.  We attended Leo’s boss’s wedding. 

After, 2hours drive and 3 tollgates at SLEX and Star toll, we arrived at Malvar Batangas.  It was a simple wedding lang.  We didn’t stay late na.  I don’t feel okay due to headache (pre-menstrual syndrome ko yan).

View of Makiling.  It has been a long time since I last saw this mountain.  Dati araw araw ko itong nakikita.

Here’s a picture of the newly-weds.  To Dian and Noel, congratulations!  Wish you have a very happy married life together!

Monday, September 9, 2013

On Donating Blood

Last week, one of my colleagues was admitted to the hospital due to dengue.  The company asked us to help by donating blood.  Her blood type is A+, and I have blood type O – which is the universal donor, right? I was super excited to donate as this will be my first time kung sakali.  It was my lifelong dream to donate blood kasi.  But why haven’t I donated blood until now?

There are basic criteria when donating blood.  You should
Ø  Be in good health
Ø  Be between 16 to 65 years old (16 and 17 years old need parents consent);
Ø  Weigh at least 110 pounds;
Ø  Have a blood pressure between: Systolic: 90-160 mmHg, Diastolic: 60-100 mmHg; and
Ø  Pass the physical and health history assessments.

Check ako for all except “weigh at least 110 pounds”.  110pounds kasi is 50kilos.  And I haven’t reached 50kilos before (well, let’s not include the pregnancy weightJ).  This is the first time in my life I have reached 50+kilos, kasi remember I gained too much weight?

So off I go to the hospital to donate blood.  But unfortunately, I wasn’t qualified pa din.  The hospital doesn’t accept replacement blood (that is what they call donors who don’t have the same blood type as the receiver). 

That was my chance na sana to help and donate blood.  Now, I’m torn between losing weight or maintaining this until the time I can donate blood.  What do you think?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grandparents Day

It’s Grandparent’s Day today.  We were accustomed of celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as a gratitude to our parents.  It was only lately that we celebrated Grandparents Day.  You know what, grandparents are like our parents – it’s just that they spoil us.

Parts of my growing up years were spent with Mamita.  She took care of me because according to my mom, she loves me so much.  My mom would often joke, “Natulog ako ng gabi, katabi ko pa si Nerisa, paggising ko, wala na.  Katabi na ni Mama”.   

Neo is the only apo for my side of the family.  He is one of three on Leo’s side.  He is showered with so much love from grandparents.  And as parents, we couldn’t be more thankful.

Neo with O-o Jun (that’s how he calls Lolo Jun), Lolo Frank, Lola Net, and Lola Bebing.

Neo with Mamita and Mama Upeng (My and Leo’s grandma).

Neo with Angkong, Lola Tita Net, Lolo Tito Roland, Lola Tita Belle, and Lola Auntie Juliet.  (My and Leo’s aunt and uncles who loves Neo so dearly.  We have a lot but I haven’t sorted out all of Neo’s pictures with them).

Happy Grandparents’ Day to all grandma and grandpa!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Si Tanda, Si Sexy, at Si Pogi

Have you heard the latest about the Pork Barrel Scam?  These are the codenames of senators who are allegedly linked to the pork barrel scam of Janet Napoles.  Tanda is Enrile, Sexy is Estrada, and Pogi is Revilla.  Read news here.

When I was still in college, I worked as a Student Assistant under IMSP, CAS (Institute of Mathematical Science and Physics of College of Arts and Science).  It was one of the happiest moments of my college days.  When I report to work, I would just sit down and make kwento to the Titas and Titos.  My favorite Tito, Tito Greg, would download games for me to play to shoo away boredom.  Since I’m the only player in those games, I would be listed under Best Scores.  The name I always put is: GANDA.

Imagine my surprise when I played the following day with another person beating my top score.  And who would be it?  Si POGI.   I investigated who POGI was.  It was none other than my boss, the Head of the Department that time (no name dropping, baka magalit si Sir). 

Filipinos just love using codes.  And not just some codes.  We love using positive adjectives that we thought describes us most.  It’s just odd that Enrile chose “Tanda”.  He should have chosen "Macho" ahahaha :D (peace Manong Johnny).

Baby Neo's Mama

The Advantages of Working in a Call Center

I worked for the BPO industry (or call center as a lot of people use to call it) for almost 6 years.  No, I wasn’t an agent.  I was part of the Workforce group.  I have collated some the advantages of working in a BPO industry in my perspective.  There may be more to this list but in my opinion, these are part what I was happy about working in that industry.

Just a trivia, I tried applying as an agent but was not successful.  Maybe, I am not good at English speaking.  The funny part was, I was accepted as a part of the workforce team.

Ø  TimeZone Difference – a lot of people would say this is not an advantage, but I beg to disagree.  Yes, your body clock is not normal but you also get to avoid rush hours.  No need makipagbalyahan sa pakikipagsiksikan sa pagsakay; no traffic.  And you can do all your errands like banking, getting IDs, because it’s your rest time during regular office hours.

Ø  Salary and Wages – well, this is a no brainer.  I’d admit the salary I have now is like a sale of my salary before – 50% off!

Ø  Multitasking – You will know the true meaning of this word once you work in a call center. 

Ø  Meeting a Lot of People of Different Nationalities – not a lot of Filipinos will say they were able to meet different people from different countries.  When you work in a call center, they are everywhere in the workplace.  From American, to European, to Canadian, even South Africans.  These people are the bosses, the clients, and the guests.

Ø  English Speaking Prowess – and since you’ll be meeting and serving these nationalities, you will be trained to be good in speaking English.  And not just the language, but the accent in all different areas. (kaya hindi ko maintindihan bakit minamaliit ni Mamita ang aking English-speaking skills <confused>)

Ø  Self-Control – it’s not a secret that the BPO industry has a lot of BAWAL.  They are not lenient on violators – meaning a violation of a rule would mean a sanction.  No cellphones on production floor, no bags allowed, no chatting, no internet browsing, no whatsoever.  You will learn to exercise self-control in this industry.  Being part of the Workforce team, I was exempted on some BAWAL rules, but still there are some I need to follow.

Ø  On Time – You know the phrase: Filipino Time?  Which we always connote as LATE. In the call center industry, when they say meeting starts at 8AM, the meeting will really start at 8AM with or without you.  You will have login time, break time, lunch time, logout time – which should be followed ON TIME.

These are just some advantages of working in a call center.  For you guys who work in the same industry, can you share some things you like and love working in a call center?

Photos from Google.

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