Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mama’s Little Boy

My weekends are always spent with Leo and Neo.  Neo was sick with fever last Friday night until today.  I’m thankful na din na even though he is sick, he is still lively.  He plays a lot pa din.  Last Saturday, I made lambing to Leo to pamper me by a DIY foot spa kit.  I bought this kit at Watsons. I have been complaining of sore and dirty feet lately since the implementation of Provincial Terminal. I even asked Leo why super dumi ng kalsada sa Baclaran and EDSA.  You know during times of rain, I’ll walk at Cavite and my feet will get soaked lang but still looks clean?  When you walk at EDSA, your feet will have black marks. According to Leo it’s the pollution daw.  So, when I arrive home from work, I always wash my feet kahit pagod. Goodluck sa pasma.  But thank goodness for husbands who pamper their wives.  Well, it looks like someone wants to pamper Mama din aside from Papa. J

Last Sunday naman, we tried to do Mommy Practicality’s Make Over contest.  Look at Neo doing Mommy Practicality’s dress.  Ending, the dress looks like a mess.  But hey, I’m a proud mom, so I’ll still submit this entry pa din J

I bought this bag pala at Festival Mall last weekend.  It’s cheap lang but the neon pink color is super nice.  I used it at work na, and I had nice comments. :P

And, thanks to one of my bosses, I will now know what the fuss about this spread is.  Since the start of the year, I’ve wanted to try this but it’s always out of stock – this is the first time we’ll try it.  Thanks, Sir J

Nga pala, Neo lately is super malambing.  He starts to say “Te-chu” (his version of Thank You) already.  He loves to hug and kiss. Sana this stage of hugging and kissing will last until the world ends... haha

How about you?  How was your weekend?


  1. I guess boys are really malamabing to their Moms. Si Cyler super lambing din sakin wag lang totopakin. LOL! And I also hope na sana maging malamabing sila forever satin.

    I'll pray for Neo's speedy recovery. Panahon talaga ng sakit ngaun. Hay. Kakaloka ang weather nowadays.

    1. true. as in prayer ko yan. forever na lang malambing ang mga bagets natin sa tin. niloloko nga ako ni Leo na magiging Mama's boy daw si Neo. sa kin, okay lang. hahaha :P

  2. Wow..sweet baby..Indeed they said that boys are really malapit to their mom. ^^

    1. naku sana until the world ends super sweet sya kay mama. :)


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