Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Hello guys!  How was your weekend?  Mine was slightly nakakapagod.  Why slightly?  I was with Neo the whole time – e nakakawala ng pagod ang sight nya for me :P

Early Saturday morning, we had our roof and electrical wirings fixed.  Remember our 2nd floor was flooded due to the hole on the roofing and the wirings were affected?  The laborers used 2cans of vulcaseal in patching the holes.  It was so madami. They were fixing it the whole morning.  I already sent a complaint in our developer regarding this but they weren’t giving me any response.  So we opted to just shoulder the expenses in fixing it kesa abutan kami uli ng next bagyo L

While Papa Leo was busy assisting the laborers, Mama and Neo watched TV while eating this mango chocolate.  This is a native product.  Filipinos are innovative talaga no?

In the afternoon, Papa and Mama went to SM Rosario, because it’s their 3-day sale.  Then, we went to Naic to interview a yaya applicant.  She seems okay for us, so we agreed that she’ll start the next day.  But sadly, she didn’t meet us. L

The next day, we went to church then visited Lolo Jun and Lola Net.  We just ate lunch at their house, and then off we went to visit my friend, Laine, who I haven’t seen for like 2years.  Her husband worked at Singapore before, so they were residing there – the reason we haven’t seen each other for a long time.  Now, they decided to live here in the Phils. 

Neo and Quinn (Laine and Fred’s daughter, and my inaanak) clicked instantly.  Neo loved playing with ate Quinn, and ate Quinn was teaching Neo how to use the iPAD (Leo: bilhan mo na din si Neo nun).  Then during the course of our conversation,

Nerisa: Gurl, hindi nyo pa ba susundan si Quinny?

Fred: Hindi pa siguro.

Laine: we have a rule na buy a house muna before a new baby.  Kayo gurl, hindi nyo pa ba susundan si Neo?

Leo: Hindi pa. mahal.

Tita Lalaine (Laine’s Mom):  Hahaha :D iba na ang panahon ngayon!  Dati pagnag-ask kung hindi pa susundan ang anak, mga babae ang umaayaw talaga.  Ngayon, lalaki na ang umaayaw.  Dati, ang lalaki, sige lang ng sige.  Ngayon kasi shared responsibility na kahit sa pagaalaga ng bata.

Tita, may check ka! J

Neo gifted ate Quinny a dress, while ate Quinny gave Neo a cute shirt and me, a book.  It was a fun afternoon spent with a friend and her family.  Sad lang, we weren’t able to take pictures.  Next time for sure.



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